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Beauty, Brains & Power : Meet United States of America’s Ms. Georgia Chance Cessna

Radiant, intelligent, fearless, visionary, loving, focused, and determined are a few words that capture the angelic-like essence of the newly crowned United States of America’s Ms. Georgia, Chance Cessna.

Chance Cessna was crowned Ms. Atlanta in August and went on to compete for Ms. Georgia this past weekend in Tifton, Georgia.

When asked how she began her journey into pageantry, it’s not the typical “pageant kid” story.

“I was actually a little bit of a tomboy growing up. I loved playing sports and I was raised by my dad.” I wasn’t interested in being “girly”. I just wanted to be me.

It wasn’t until college that Chance was introduced to pageantry. “Miss DC USA lived in my dorm apartments at the time. I would see her going in and out with her sash and crown and was always curious about what she was doing and where she was going.”

Chance Cessna. continues, “She introduced me to pageantry and told me she was a tomboy too growing up. She shared her story with me and we really just connected. She encouraged me to compete that year and I won second-runner up in the Miss DC International Pageant.”

“After my first pageant, I fell in love with pageantry. I knew it was a path God had me on to empower young girls and women.”

“Many people think that pageantry is all about the glitz and the glam, but the mission is much deeper than that,” Chance says.

“As Ms. Georgia I am using my platform to spread awareness and empower women that are victims of domestic violence, sex-trafficking, and other like crimes against women and children that plague our society. Moreover, I am committed to serving the homeless and underprivileged people in need through my non-profit organization Rebuild Her. I am using my voice to speak up for the voiceless and be a pillar of change in my community.”

Chance learned that you have to carry the crown before you can wear it.

“When I first started my pageant journey I would never win. I would always come in 1st place or 2nd place but never the actual “winner”. That sparked my determination to keep going. It’s the same with life. When you are up against challenges and obstacles, you don’t quit. You keep going. So my pageant experience has taught me to be resilient and tenacious in everything I do.”

“Pageantry gives you a platform” Chance says. “I believe it is important for women of color to be represented and have their voice heard in beauty pageant systems of all kinds. We represent beauty of all colors, shapes, and sizes, and we are here to positively impact the world with the titles and influence we have been given.”

In addition to pageantry, Chance Cessna. is the bestselling author of Emerge: Breakthrough Into Your Destiny, an entrepreneur, investor, thought-leader, and social media influencer. She also is the founder of Emerge University where she has taught over 15,000 people financial literacy and wealth principles since 2020.

Chance Cessna. will go on to compete for United States of America’s esteemed national title this upcoming March. You can learn more about the United States of America’s pageant at

Follow Ms. Georgia’s journey to the crown by following her on Instagram at @iamchancecessna and visiting her website


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