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Bally Singh – Chief Marketing Officer – Everdome

  • Everdome was launched earlier this year. Tell us more about the two futuristic projects and how they relate back to the Metaverse.

Everdome reflects our vision for creating a metaverse that is real-to-life, beyond what we’ve currently seen in the space. We want to create a hyper-realistic ecosystem that will deliver an elevated experience – one that will leave users questioning what’s real and what isn’t when they step between reality and Everdome.

The metaverse, and Everdome in particular, is a digital environment that combines real world objects, destinations, and people. By adopting Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, Everdome will take players on a hyper-realistic journey from Earth to colonise Mars.

Through Everdome, we’re enhancing the metaverse ecosystem beyond what people have currently experienced. We’re opening the door for people to live in the digital world, while also creating new channels of engagement for brands, businesses and more. The metaverse presents practically unlimited opportunities for everyone, and our aim is to help everyone realise their potential in this exciting environment.

  • A parallel virtual world, the Metaverse is considered one of 2021’s biggest reveals. How do you see the future of Marketing given the unlimited potential of this revolutionary technology?

The internet revolutionised the marketing industry, and now the metaverse will shake things up once again. Unlimited potential is absolutely the right way to describe the metaverse, because it is an environment free of real world limitations – and hyper-realism, such as you’ll find in Everdome, will mean that brands can enhance their real world experiences while retaining true-to-life visuals. This is a massive step because up until now, the metaverse has been based around cartoonish graphics. Not only do these have limited appeal, but they also offer limited scope, especially in a marketing context; no-one wants to see their brand represented in anything less than a perfect form – or as close to perfect as is possible.

That’s what makes this an extremely exciting time for sales and marketing. The technology is right and readily available through Everdome, which also provides the perfect platform for brands to launch in the metaverse.

Given that this is a new environment we’re here to work with our customers, to help them get the most out of their metaverse investment. Everdome has a lot to offer in terms of both technology and expertise, and that’s something we’re eager to let our customers tap into.

  • You’ve managed and created many companies, and continue to do so. In your opinion, how will the hyper-realistic aspect of Everdome help brands get the most out of the Metaverse?

There really isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to getting the most out of the metaverse. Each brand will have their own way of using the metaverse to their advantage and to exceed their objectives.

But, overall, Everdome’s hyper-realistic environment will create opportunities for brands to give consumers a richer engagement experience, allowing them to explore products on a deeper level – whether that’s a physical item, a guided tour of a property, or even a school lesson. One of the most beautiful aspects of the metaverse is that there are none of the restrictions we face in the real world, meaning that practically anything is possible. And, with Everdome taking customers on an interplanetary mission from Earth to Mars, we’re proving that the sky is no longer the limit!

  • As the Chief Marketing Officer of Everdome, what are your strategy and plans for the growth of both brands? 

With the metaverse being relatively new territory, the priority is to make customers feel comfortable within it. One of the ways to do this is to introduce them to brands and faces they already know, within the metaverse. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many household names and brands over the last two decades, and my plan is to leverage this experience by bringing brands and personalities from the worlds of sport, music, and entertainment into Everdome.

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