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Ariel Gorelik Serial Entrepreneur Continues His Diversity By Joining Bored Ape Yacht Club

Ariel started his entrepreneurial journey in his teens. He worked in the tech and mobile space and explored medical fields with pharmacy and nursing. Even mortgages and real estate made a massive footprint in the financial area. His prior experience helped him understand the ins and outs of product development in any market. Intending to meet the next big crisis in the market, Ariel was looking for an industry that was awaiting innovation. Knowing that cigarettes have been around for decades, Ariel thought that the tobacco industry could be his space to grow. Myle and other sister companies created much of the success, but this is not stopping the serial Entrepreneur from entering new exciting industries.

Recently Ariel purchased a rare NFT piece from the most credible brand and collection in the digital art space, the Bored Ape Yacht Club. His Ape is green to represent his favorite color, and he also did not chase the lowest floor price but spent 10+ Etherium more to purchase the art of the famous apes he liked the most. Ariel says, “when you spend this kind of money and invest into the brand, you have to like what you are buying, believing in its future and not just following the hype .”A native new yorker recently saw the footprint the NFT, blockchain, art platforms, and upcoming crypto coins companies did all over his home city during the market’s lowest recent point, giving him the confidence that was needed.

Although he had already dabbled with other credible projects in the spaces along with doodles, vee friends, and wall st bulls, this one ought to make the most noise. The plan is always long-term as a potential branding or spinoff play will happen. The utility and the community access that being a member of such a prestigious club can bring other capital gains aside from the apparent growth in the actual NFT itself. People using the copyrights of their NFTs to create unique flavors, apparel, or simple items have this Entrepreneur’s mind running wild. As soon as the right idea to capitalize will come into fortition, you should be confident of seeing something released in late 2022.

The new owner of BAYC #797 is excited, and so should the rest of the players in the NFT space. Ape Fest was one of the most talked-about events of 2022, with performers ranging from Lil baby, Lil Wayne, future, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and so many more A-listers.

This past week’s events intertwined with some worldwide events and award shows where his company, Myle had a strong presence. In the future, this entry into the industry will allow his companies to have more of a presence and sponsorships at events like Apefest and NYC_NFT. Adding utility and value to NFT communities will be explored and considered to help all companies under the umbrella enter the Web3 space.

Published by Alex Mamutin X Branded Book
@thebrandedbook @nft_book @nftsavage

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