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Albania Rosario, creator of ‘Fashion Designers of Latin America’ makes a headway in the world of fashion

Having volunteered at the NYFW, and done tons of work around the field, she is aiming to secure a position of fellow fashion designers through her platform.

Every industry that’s operating across the globe today is thriving because of the immense contribution of people who have expertise in that specific area of work. We can see a lot of sectors rising high owing to the amount of work put in by experts who have done outstandingly well and pushed those areas to reach their maximum potential. The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries that has grown exponentially over the years, and the numerous subject-matter experts are the reason behind it as they have unleashed their creativity to create wonders that has taken the fashion industry to the next level. Albania Rosario is one name who has contributed towards this industry to a great extent and is steadily moving ahead to achieve more milestones in her career as a fashion entrepreneur.

She is the Founder and Creative Director of her unique global fashion platform called “Fashion Designers of Latin America” (FDLA), which has made headlines in the world of fashion owing to its unique and exquisite designs which have amazed fashion enthusiasts big time. Apart from being a part of the fashion industry, contributing towards its betterment in her own way, Albania has also tried to attend to issues which have haunted the fashion industry for the longest possible time concerning equal opportunities, equal pay, equal exposure, and other areas associated with the industry which have been ignored till date. She now wants to change the entire outlook by introducing a platform which changes the entire situation in its own way.

Speaking about this subject, she said, “I have been observing how Latino designers and fashion professionals didn’t get the right opportunities and present themselves well at the New York Fashion Week and other fashion events held globally. This was the sole reason I formed this unique platform Fashion Designers of Latin America to solve this issue which was persisting from decades since the fashion industry took center stage, and I’m happy my endeavors have succeeded in pushing this issue to the forefront.” The New York Fashion Week saw her platform showcase the work of Latino designers in full force, which she thinks was a battle truly won.

The FDLA shows were more recently held at STUDIO 525, a prestigious place for art and fashion events in the Big Apple’s historic West Chelsea Highline Arts District. The event saw many known names like Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and brands like Cubel, from Colombia, Toribio & Donato from Costa Rica, Indira & Isidro Jewelry from Mexico, and Benito Fernández from Argentina, being a part of it. Other artists who graced the occasion were Carmen Seminario and Elizabeth Muñoz from Peru, Carlos Benguigui from Venezuela and a few more eminent personalities from the fashion industry which made the event hugely successful.

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