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A highly intuitive and drawing inspiration from beauty, passionate beautiful and career oriented – Olesya Chumazova.

In the ever-changing, demanding, and fast-paced business of fashion and style, one of the most common elements of this rarefied and cutthroat industry is the presentation of a certain image, aesthetic, or lifestyle that consumers want to have. This is primarily achieved through the use of beautiful models—both men and women blessed with great genetics—who are often tapped by the most important fashion brands or magazines to showcase an array of high-quality garments, accessories, cosmetics, and other lucrative products. There’s no denying that models are considered such a vital presence in the fashion industry due to their ability to sell valuable goods, as well as embodying aspirational lifestyles to people who dream of living luxurious or glamorous lives. Olesya Chumazova fits the bill as a fashion model. 

She started her professional career 3 years ago in LA. Olesya says she always followed her heart and it’s got her all the way from Russian suburbs to the United States. She is  highly intuitive and drawing inspiration from the beauty around her. From a young age, she knew she wanted a career in fashion, a dream that became a reality. Since then she got involved in a variety of projects, all of which have somehow become part of her ongoing creative journey.

Olesya got published in Haper’s Bazaar which was a big break through for her. New York a city of opportunities helped her develop her skills and become more confident about her work, She then got signed with a top New York agency called EMG. A graduate from AVEDA beauty school in Los Angeles is also licensed esthetician. Olesya was able to gain broad knowledge of skin care. Her future aspiration is to come up with a Cosmetic product line with all natural ingredients for skin concerns of all types.

In fashion, models are the face behind the brand. The women who walk the runway have the power to inspire editors, buyers, and fashion lovers to covet a particular piece. Throughout history, they have defined—and defied—typical beauty standards, set new precedents, and popularized trends. In today’s world, the model has a greater voice and presence than ever. As street style icon, role model, and activist, Olesya has the power to challenge conventions and connect to social media audiences on a massive scale.

Olesya intends to share love with everyone she meets during her life journey. Meet this beautiful fashion beauty at

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