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How Dr. Steven Cyr Elevates Cosmetic Surgery with Orthosculpt

Cosmetic surgery has presented many innovations in the past few years. Today, thousands of success stories can boast of natural-looking results, and even faster recovery. For those that want Hollywood-level perfection, extremely skilled surgeons are sought, but for Dr. Steven Cyr, going beyond skill is imperative – one should also know how to disrupt and innovate in the field.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Steven Cyr has focused mostly on spine surgery. His patients fiercely believe in him because he is one of the most well-known medical professionals in the country, and has been treating difficult and complicated spine and musculoskeletal issues in his patients for years.

Two decades of experience in spine surgery has inspired Dr. Steven Cyr with a deep understanding of and a love for bodybuilding and fitness. Eventually, he added cosmetic surgery to his services, and today, the renowned surgeon is one of the go-to experts in sculpting through treatments such as high-definition liposculpture.

One of the top cosmetologists in the world and a triple board-certified surgeon, Dr. Wilbur Hah, provided Dr. Cyr with two years of intensive training in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Cyr continued on his own after this. He also decided to expand his skill set and enrolled in further cosmetology classes to hone his abilities. Always wanting to impact cutting-edge knowledge, Dr. Cyr also mentors students in the physician assistant program at the University of Texas Health Science Centre.

With the hungry demand for a naturally fit look, Dr. Cyr created a novel method that he called the OrthoSculpt. For his clientele, this method produces a realistic appearance of a bodybuilder or true fitness athlete. Correct cosmetic surgery makes it impossible for onlookers to tell the difference between a figure created through surgery and one developed through exercise. This is only achievable with a surgeon with Dr. Cyr’s level of expertise.

With two fellowships, Dr. Cyr is the only surgeon in the world to be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. In orthopedic and cosmetic surgery, we can say he is a magician with a scalpel. Despite being a surgeon, Dr. Cyr is adamant that a healthy diet is essential for getting the skin and figure you’ve always wanted. As a result, he developed CYRxMD nutrition in addition to his surgical skill.

According to Dr. Steven Cyr, frequent exercise without the risk of being hurt is one of the most crucial elements in keeping the body in good condition. One can reach the degree of fitness one desires with the right food intake and medications. He has personally applied this idea and, at the age of 49, has kept up his physical fitness.

Along with the external improvements that he is a master at, Dr. Steven Cyr advises his patients to take good care of their bodies as well. He advises his patients to have a good night’s sleep so they can wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Dr. Cyr also advises his patients to cut back on their sugar intake. It keeps you from developing diabetes and can delay aging. The consumption of whole grains should be increased rather than processed or artificial foods. Building up a few healthy habits can go a long way. Dr. Steven Cyr recommends his clients take care of their mental wellness and work on their external looks.

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