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4 stabbed in pro-Trump rallies across the US cities.

A scuffle ensues between Antifa and Proud Boys, whose supporters yelled abuses at one another, leading to 20 people’s arrest. 

Key points:

1. Scuffle breaks out between pro-Trump and anti-Trump rallies across the US.

2. 4 stabbed and 20 arrested in the fighting between the pro-Trump and anti-Trump rallies.

3. Antifa and Proud Boys clashed near Harry’s Bar, hurling abuses at each other.

Trump’s supporters, campaigning for election fraud, get involved in a scuffle with anti-Trump supporters: 

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters alleging electoral fraud converged on numerous US towns and cities on Saturday and there had been remoted scuffles with counter-demonstrators. In Washington DC, extra than 20 human beings had been arrested and 4 human beings had been stabbed, police said.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that Joe Biden has won due to an election fraud: 

Mr Trump misplaced the three November election to Joe Biden however is but to concede. The Electoral College, the gadget which elects US presidents, is because of recommending Mr Biden’s victory on Monday. Mr Biden received 306 votes to Mr Trump’s 232 withinside the Electoral College and received over seven million extra votes than his Republican rival withinside the famous vote.

4 Stabbed In Clashes As Donald Trump Supporters Protest To Back Poll Fraud  Claim

Far-right group Proud Boys clashed with Antifa:

In the nation’s capital, police sought to maintain the 2 aspects apart, a method that blanketed sealing off Black Lives Matter Plaza wherein counter-demonstrators had gathered. Pro-Trump demonstrators, rallying beneath neath the banner of “Stop the Steal”, joined with the aid of using participants of the far-proper Proud Boys, wearing yellow and black, many sporting bullet-evidence vests. Mr Trump precipitated controversy with the aid of using pronouncing the organization should “stand lower back and stand with the aid of using” throughout a September presidential debate, even though he later condemned “all white supremacists”.

A scuffle between Antifa and Proud Boys sparks violence:

As night-time fell, Proud Boys and Antifa counter-demonstrators, mainly separated with the aid of using police lines, yelled insults at every other. But sporadic violence broke out. The stabbings occurred close to the downtown Harry’s Bar; however, it becomes now no longer clean which organization the ones injured belonged to, in line with the Washington Post.

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