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That Girl AMAYA is truly that girl and that up & coming artist to watch! “The One” Visual Out 9/25 !

The closer look we have in the different fields and industries all across the globe, the deeper we understand how these industries have been flourishing and have flourished all through these years. One cannot deny the fact that most of these fields have thrived with the relentless drive and hard work of the young minds and talents, who have shown what it really takes to become the best in the game. To come forward and show the passion to do something bigger, even amidst much competition, takes a lot of guts, especially when it comes to the music industry of America, which is known as a breeding ground of musical artists and rappers all over the world. We came across one such young musical talent named That Girl Amaya, who, just like her name, stands unique with her talents in music, something that comes as a breath of fresh air.

We hear that That Girl Amaya has totally astounded people with her unique sound and vibe with her musical talent, which has gone ahead to not only impress audiences at large but now even the well-known business ambassador and talent manager Chadd Black, who keeps looking out for unusual talents, to support and grow them in the industry.

That Girl AMAYA is a young girl who is gradually becoming a known name as an up and coming R&B artist and sings from her heart on every single track. Her voice surely has made people believe that she would have a promising career in the vast entertainment industry in America. In fact, the young talent is also often compared to Keyshia Cole, Summer Walker, to name a few and is making waves. After noticing the enormous talent in That Girl Amaya, Chadd Black jumped at the opportunity to sign an Artist Development Deal with her under his famous 713 Agency.

She keeps visiting the studios, and the audiences can expect some new and amazing music from her as she keeps experimenting with new sounds and is working towards developing her brand and content for her engaged audience. Soon audiences and music lovers are going to be served with some refreshing and cool tracks from her as her debut album is currently in the works and can get dropped in late 2021.

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