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Tarry Summers, Real Estate Tycoon, Shares His Story of How Pain Motivated Him to Find Success

Every thriving individual has endured a difficult path to achievement. Any genuine pursuit of success will inevitably involve suffering. Though success is rarely easy to achieve, even the most trying circumstances can eventually pay off. A healthy dose of pressure can motivate you to take constructive action, just as it did Tarry Summers, a real estate tycoon.

Tarry Summers, a successful and rising real estate developer based in Columbus, Ohio, has worked in various fields throughout his career, from fitness center personal training to multi-level marketing and real estate. Yet Tarry’s narrative begins on a much more modest note.

When Tarry first entered the workforce, he was a personal trainer at a gym, where he put in long, unpaid hours while never quite finding satisfaction in his work. Tarry had an early awakening that he was missing a sense of freedom after taking an unplanned three-day vacation from his demanding job in the fitness industry to the Florida Keys. 

There, he discovered that there was much more to life than working the same long hours every day of your life until retirement, with no room or free time to enjoy things like unrestricted travel, material possessions, and personal growth. After coming to this conclusion, Tarry began studying real estate in his spare time while continuing to work as a full-time personal trainer. 

Tarry’s dedication to making this dream a reality led him to live as frugally as possible, even to the point of sleeping on a friend’s couch in the basement and paying only $250 monthly in rent. Still living in a friend’s basement and putting in long hours as a personal trainer, Tarry eventually saved enough money to purchase his first investment property. After three years of living frugally, he had amassed 16 properties and was able to quit his job. He had a drive that burned so brightly that he could not fathom not succeeding despite the odds. This ferocious resolve is what Tarry credits to having the right mindset, which he defines as “the ability to have goals that allow you to overcome the obstacles that are thrown at you every day.”

Tarry says before starting a business, it is important to find mentors and compensate them well if you plan to launch your own business. There used to be a time when the only place to learn something was a library, but now there’s also YouTube University. When looking for a mentor, he advises that you ensure that you find someone who is already successful in the field you want to enter and is actually working in it. 

“If you don’t mind late and sleepless nights, pressure, and making sacrifices, go ahead and start that business. This is because you are going to be dealing with a lot of that when you start a business,” Tarry stressed. Don’t be scared to make some sacrifices. In other words, to “sacrifice” is to “invest.” Giving up something of immediate value can pave the way to even greater rewards.

If you have the passion and will to commit to the long, tedious grind that spawns most successful entrepreneurs who are there to stay, you can find success and rewards like Tarry Summers has. Such success stories demonstrate that hard work and dedication alone can create successful individuals who are prepared to sacrifice anything to achieve their goals.  If you are on Instagram, you can find Tarry as @tarrysumms.

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