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Meet the Content Alchemist and Brand Evangelist Building His Own Multi-Channel Network

Just a little over a year after the then-19-year old took a fortuitous trip alone to NYC for SneakerCon 2017, Chase Bergey was asked to go on tour with the world’s premier sneaker show as the official SneakerCon photographer. In between prepping to hit Singapore, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between, Bergey’s days were filled with photoshoots for various nationwide events, professional athletes, streetwear brands, creators, and more. That is until a global pandemic put his clients, business, plans, and the whole world into a complete lockdown. By then Bergey was 21, living just a few hours outside of his hometown in Portland, Oregon, and feeling like he just took one step forward before being sent two steps back. More tenacious, relentless, and innovative than most, Bergey wasn’t about to let his future get derailed by a global pandemic. It was this mindset that pivoted his ambitions, and the trajectory of his career, from photographer to self-built, multi-channel network conglomerate. Though Bergey grew up in Newport, Oregon, his 2-year stints living in Portland with Darrin Willingham Jr (DNA SHOW) helped him build a solid network of friends and creators who, like him, we’re stuck inside. His videography and editing skills gave him an angle to offer support to those in his network – his services initially included managing post-production editing for creators like Sneak City and Sneakerheadinthebay, which gave them more time to conceptualize and build their brands.

His per-diem editing services weren’t the end of it though. Soon the creators he worked with began to tap Bergey to drive strategy, creative direction, and optimization. Bergey’s efforts and insights brought real growth – taking pages like Sneak City from 10,000 subscribers to over 65,000 in just 6 months – though that was just a bonus. Bergey’s clients saw that his strategies were consistently increasing CPM and their earned revenue month over month. Fortunately for Bergey, optimizing earnings and revenue for his clients meant more leverage for him. Instead of receiving a flat rate per video edit, he started receiving a percentage of advertisement revenue earned per video – a driving incentive for both him and his clients. As the catalyst for launching massively successful digitally-driven creator brands and profiles, Bergey found himself in a position to not only manage the creators that had implemented his services but also as a part-owner of massively popular channels. His vision took creators from hobby vloggers to profitable businesses.

Bergey’s business is brand innovation and content optimization, but his vision is driven by a mission to position creators to maximize financial gains while maintaining creative freedom and independence – without sacrifice. His own experiences as an artist photographing prominent events and figures in pop culture led him to understand just how cutthroat the creative industry is in the age of viral content creation and distribution. So, what exactly does Chase Bergey do for the seven channels, eight creators, and over twenty freelance employees under his umbrella? He alchemizes custom brand strategies to produce explosive content, long term growth, and passive earning by knowing exactly how to seize your moment and providing you the team to do so

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