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Manish Singh, with his record label ZZED Music tries to reach the sky as a musical artist.

As an emerging musician, he has surrendered himself to his visions and goals in life.

Music is a word that can evoke the greatest feeling in a human being. It acts like a magic potion for some and can also give newer meanings to the lives of people. Such is the power and magic of music that it motivates people to become their best versions and show their brilliance as ace musical artists and musicians. One of the best examples that come to mind when people speak of young Indian talents is of Manish Singh. The chances are that you might have heard about this youngster, doing exceedingly well in the world of business, being the youngest self-made millionaire as a digitalpreneur.

This time, Manish Singh has acquired many more headlines but for a different reason. He has forayed into the world of music and has been gaining much buzz in a short period already. He is only a song old in the industry and still has managed to hit the right strings of people’s hearts, which proves why he deserves to stay for long in the music space. “In The Sky” ( is his latest single released in 2021, which displays his excellence as a virtuoso and a passionate musician.

It is pretty interesting to learn that Manish Singh thrived as a music marketer initially, but perhaps he was destined to make his career as a musician himself, and today is living his dreams of making it in the music industry. He confesses that he learned a lot while being a music marketer and promoting others’ work, which ultimately ignited the fire in him to work as a musical artist himself. With his record label ZZED Music, Manish Singh today is rising to the top as a musician and high-performing artist, raring to make his mark in the industry soon.

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