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How Mental Illness Can Ruin Your Relationships

mental health

Mental Illness is as sensitive an issue as physical health. Staying mentally healthy build the whole foundation stone of our relationships with people around us. More importantly, it can severely affect the romantic relationship. Nearly 50% of adults face mental illness at least once in their lifetime.

Let us tell you, how mental illness is affecting your romantic relationship while you believe its the compatibility issues.

  1. Guilt

The most traumatic effect of mental illness is staying in guilt every now and then. An anxious or stressed or depressed person necessarily doesn’t allow anyone or say their partner to come into their personal space. They often stay irritated or extremely silent depending on their own nature. This leads to distant behaviour with their partner putting them in extreme guilt for being the way they are. This guilt further ruins the whole foundation of staying together.

  1. Intimacy Problems

Mental illness can be disinterested in sex, this could be either due to their own condition or the result of the treatment they are taking. Many people could feel low self-esteem or feel performance anxiety that makes them aversed to indulging in sexual activity. This in turn could affect the romantic relationship with your partner due to loss of bonding or unmet physical needs of your partner.

  1. Feeling Paranoid

The most difficult phase of mental illness is when a person feels paranoid. Every good or bad of the partner is perceived as bad only. One always feels the other doesn’t like them much, loves them enough, is not into them or stuff like that. This results in frequent quarrels, and misunderstandings and drowns the relationship like nothing else.

These are some of the ways, your mental illness can affect your romantic relationship or even your relationship with people around you. You need to take cognizance of your condition and consult the doctor as early as possible. It will save you from all the chaos you might be feeling in the life.

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