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How JC & Karen Hite Went From Living in a closer to 200 sq ft room to now Having a Company with Over 200 Employees In Just Over 4 Years

JC & Karen
JC & Karen CEO of Digital marketing agency, HITE

It is not easy to find or discover a company that has operated for under five years thriving. Often, startups face challenges causing them to shut down in their early years. Statistics have shown that 90% of startups fail. However, this is not the case for ‘JC & Karen Hite. In just four years, they have scaled their company and disrupted their space to become an authority.

JC Hite is the founder and CEO of Hite, a digital marketing agency providing branding and digital marketing services. His agency scaled from 1-50 employees remarkably fast and is on an upward trend to disrupt the market. He already has over 20+ franchise locations all over the US.

JC is also the host of the Podcast Digital Agency Hacker. He is based in Nicaragua and loves empowering people. He’s committed to creating thousands of jobs for 3rd world countries. Additionally, they work with smaller companies and focus on building them up.

Background Story

 JC & Karen Hite have an intriguing story. They have struggled, failed, and even been bankrupt. However, they kept going. When the duo met, JC was very wealthy. He had more than 50 houses and an airplane.

Things began to change in the year they got engaged. His business went under, and he started losing everything by the time they married.

They went from living in a 4,000-square-foot house to living in the 500 square feet maid’s quarters of her dad’s house, which today is equivalent to half the size of his office.

They went from being wealthy to losing everything. JC thinks that losing everything helped him get to where he was and that God was preparing them for where they are today.

JC and Karen thought about what their future would look like. They had goals for the next three years and committed to achieving them. Their vision was to bring stability to Latin America because Covid had hit hard and affected many families. They had this vision that they could bring joy and happiness to the world. Today, they have 200 employees with a program to help their kids go to university on 100% scholarship as long as they work for five years at Hite.

Future Goals

Their goal is to create a thousand jobs in Central America. They believe they can dynamically change the country. They believe they can create value based on knowledge and not based on affordability.

One of the significant challenges they are addressing is managing people. Most agencies are struggling with this problem. Managing people can make you personal about things you are experiencing as a leader. They are now investing in education as a foundation for future opportunities.

Every dream is valid. Whatever you set your eyes on, believe that you can achieve it. Do not allow your failures to determine your destination. Instead, use them as stepping stones to the next level. Be patient, work hard and be consistent in everything that you do.

You can connect to the Hites here.

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