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From being army personnel to becoming a rising tattoo artist, enter Jihyun Park.

The South Korean talent excels at pixelated tattoos, a pioneering new genre that lately has attracted the attention of many.

There are tons of talented individuals working across different sectors of the world, proving their excellence in their chosen niches and thriving off of their passion, determination, and resilience in their journeys. It is necessary to hold more talk around these professionals, who, in ways, more than one, stun people worldwide for the kind of insane momentum and success they create for themselves and their brands and businesses. The creative and artistic realms have so far produced many such talented beings, out of which Jihyun Park serves as a great example of a rising tattoo artist. This passionate guy hails from Gwacheon, South Korea. After his graduation, he joined the army and trained for a year; however, his adventurous personality led him into the world of tattooing.

At first sight of seeing tattoos on his friends, he was mesmerized by the art and creativity with ink on skin. This ignited the fire in him to turn into a tattoo artist himself. Since in Korea, tattoos were still a subculture, he began everything from scratch and soon joined an art academy and studied fundamental art for a year. Here, Jihyun Park got introduced to a tattooist 104 who owned his own tattoo studio. He began learning under him in January 2018 at his tattoo studio Opium, known for holding exhibitions and parties and doing special effect makeup for movies when they need tattoos on actors. Taking inspiration from 104, Jihyun Park, besides honing his skills in tattooing, focused on creating his unique style to stand apart from the rest in the industry.

For choosing his unique style, he chose pixel art designs. This helped Jihyun Park become the only pixelated tattoo artist, which attracted the attention of many around the world, so much so that today his social media account has 3.7 million followers. He has also visited tattoo studios as a guest around the world, like Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherland, and France.

Now, Jihyun Park wishes to take on a new challenge to become a resident artist at “10 thousand Foxes Tattoo” in the US. His inspiration for his tattoo style comes from the old games and graphics of the US. He wants to continue stunning people with his designs as a pixelated tattoo artist and wants to inspire many other budding tattooists in the industry with his phenomenal work.

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