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Executive of the week: Esmeralda Baez, talks about how her passion for music has helped her build a community.

Does the idea of being an entrepreneur feel like it’s too big of a risk? Do you feel like you have ideas for a business, project or nonprofit, but don’t know how to start? Well, luckily in this article, you’ll find that other entrepreneurs have asked the same questions, especially in the entertainment industry.

Businesswoman Esmeralda, spoke with us about what she loves the most about her career, what’s changed about the music business, and what hasn’t. How she tries to make herself available over emails and phone no matter where She’s at and how she thinks, your passion for work should always shine through.

Esmeralda is a diverse executive who brings Experience and dedication. She’s an accomplished multi-faceted entrepreneur, deal maker and author. She’s become one of the most versatile and impressive players in the business while playing a key role in the evolution of women in music. Even though, she has been face with situations, where the right decision is not always clear and encounter opportunities that detract her from her purpose, disciplining the mind has helped her stay focus and true to herself.

 Her goal has always been to develop and foster relationships that allows her company to work in synch with their clients as they continue to innovate and strategically lead the industry into the future ways to consume music. Elite Vision Media expertise, talent, long-term relationships with artists and managers, and innovative spirit has been key to collaborating with labels and artists. She explained, My role as a Publicist gave me an opportunity to work with artists that I admire for years, as well as building relationships with them and help introduce their amazing legacies to new audiences.

So without any further due, What do you love the most about your job?

I love that our profession is getting more creative and more technical. It’s a dynamic industry and I get to meet new people everyday. I love being able to connect and help others achieve their goals. I also enjoy the process of developing new talents.

What do you think has changed and not changed in the music industry?

For a long time, the music industry has relied predominantly on traditional record labels and now, there are many more smaller boutique labels and artist-owned labels. And what has not changed? The business behind the music. It still takes a great song, a good producer, a dope engineer and a talented act, to come out with a hit record.

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