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Creating an incredible experience in the Web3 world, enter MetaMars, a new decentralized social experience metaverse.

MetaMars is developed as a peer-to-peer decentralized social network metaverse, deeply integrating with NFTs, VR, and AI technology.

Isn’t it incredible to know and learn about all those brands, businesses, communities, and platforms that go beyond doing the usual in their respective niches? Well, the world has seen the rise of many such entities across different sectors; however, some of the most talked-about platforms have emerged from the ever-so-evolving digital financial industry. We came to learn about one such one-of-a-kind social network and community in the digital space named MetaMars.

MetaMars has developed as a peer-to-peer decentralized social network metaverse, deeply integrating with NFTs, Virtual Reality, and AI technology. The team is called Martians, for they typically live on Mars. The inspiration behind creating something as amazing as MetaMars originated from the thoughts of life and death; they confess saying that human life is finite. With the advent of technology, everything, however, will likely last longer, and MetaMars is built to be an eternal foundation, where what people create, buildings, characters, imprints, and more will get permanently archived, optimizing the power of AI. MetaMars is all about giving end-users and content creators a virtual social platform for them to freely create, own and monetize their digital assets, ultimately enhancing their experiences far better than Web2.

The team at MetaMars is driven by their vision to focus on developing technology that can bring people together. It also focuses on the long-term impact, being open, and building together with responsibility. Its product experiences include Virtual Mars, an open-world VR social experience, Mars map structure, Mars Builder and MarsKet, MarsHub, and AI Integration. All these product experiences will be backed by cutting-edge modern technologies. MetaMars is an exceptional build-to-earn experience and will soon encompass entertainment, work, and more.

People can build their virtual homes on mars, and for that, MetaMars provides them with the best editor tools, helping them build their dream homes effortlessly. It provides people with the most mesmerizing visual experience using VR and AI with high-quality graphics and the latest Unity engine. It also offers people thousands of activities that they can do within MetaMars. Ultimately people can even earn by monetizing their intellectual properties and contents.

To know more, visit its website,

Published by Alex Mamutin X Branded Book
@thebrandedbook @nft_book @nftsavage

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