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Cinamaker Director Studio Makes Remote Guests and Cameras a Breeze via the Zoom Meeting SDK

Cinamaker’s multi-camera video recording, editing, and live streaming app teams up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to expand its remote production capabilities.

Atlanta, Ga. Over the last two years, few have become strangers to a work-from-home, virtual meeting lifestyle. Some would describe this as the “Zoom Era of Remote Work” where we operate our businesses, jobs, and personal connections through the lens of a camera across various computers and devices. Today, Cinamaker is excited to announce its direct integration with Zoom’s Meeting SDK that enables Cinamaker Director Studio customers the ability to include Remote Guests and Remote Cameras from anywhere in the world into their Cinamaker-produced live streams, live meetings, and recorded sessions.

Put simply, through Cinamaker’s integration with Zoom’s leading video communications platform,  Cinamaker creators can select and pull individual Zoom meeting participants into their live Cinamaker productions as featured interview guests, presenters, and remote talent, and thereby enhance the quality of their video production, live streams, virtual meetings, presentations, webinars, events, and more.

“We’re excited that Cinamaker has chosen to use our Meetings SDK to extend their live video production offering to include remote guests,” said Zoom’s Chief Technology Officer, Brendan Ittelson. “Including remote guests will help event hosts create high-quality live events without geography acting as a barrier.” 

Since 2017, Cinamaker has been dedicated to empowering emerging video creators, live streamers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and the like with tools for multi-camera live video streaming, recording, and editing using their Mac or iPad. Without any prior multi-camera video experience, Cinamaker Director Studio users can tell their stories using up to eight (8) iPhone, and digital camera angles, mix audio, include media assets, visual effects, and more.

Now, thanks to Zoom’s Meeting SDK, Cinamaker users can just as simply include remote guests and remote cameras directly into their live shows and events, live streams, presentations, and recordings, as well as send their live Cinamaker production to Zoom Meetings, Zoom Events, and Zoom Webinars. “We are extremely excited to support emerging creators and remote workers all over the globe with a solution for creating engaging Zoom sessions, live streams, and video recordings that leave their viewers saying ‘wow’”, says Cinamaker CEO, Benjamin Nowak.

As cameras continue to be a necessity for individuals, companies, and institutions to effectively communicate and interact worldwide, Cinamaker with Zoom makes it easier than ever to create and tell stories using multiple angles and media, from multiple locations, and with multiple participants, wherever they may be.

For more on how you can get the most from Zoom with Cinamaker, visit the Zoom App Marketplace or learn more about Cinamaker Director Studio here.

For an interview and demo, please contact Gary Baker, president,

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