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Charles to be proclaimed King, Biden to attend Queen’s funeral and more

Charles III will be formally proclaimed King of the United Kingdom at a historic ceremony at St James’s Palace on Saturday. The proclamation is a public announcement of the accession of the new monarch. Charles,73, Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son, automatically became King after his mother’s death, and traditionally an Accession Council is convened within 24 hours of a sovereign’s death. But the late announcement of the Queen’s death meant there was insufficient time to organise it for Friday.

There will be a multi-stage process publicly announcing his new title of King Charles III. Flags lowered in mourning for the late Queen will fly full-mast after the Accession Council, which will be televised for the first time

King Charles III signals his reign will offer change of tone As the United Kingdom mourns a beloved queen, the nation is already wondering how King Charles III will reign and whether his monarchy will depart from the traditions of his mother. If his first full day on the throne is any indication, Charles seemed ready to chart at least a slightly different course. When Charles traveled to Buckingham Palace for the first time as the new king Friday, his limousine snaked through a sea of spectators then stopped short of the palace gates before he got out and shook hands with well-wishers. Charles looked more like a US president on the campaign trail than the latest steward of a 1,000-year-old hereditary monarchy. It’s not that Queen Elizabeth II didn’t meet her subjects. She did, often. But this felt different – a bit less formal, a bit more relaxed and personal. Charles spent almost 10 minutes greeting people pressed up against the crowd-control barriers, smiling, waving, accepting condolences and the occasional bouquet of flowers as the audience broke out in a chorus of “God Save the King.” After inspecting the tributes to his mother lined up outside the palace, he waved once more and walked through the gates with Camilla, the Queen Consort.

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