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Brian The Shooter is an amazing photographer and entrepreneur in the making:

Photography is the art of capturing a moment with a camera. It takes actual talent to ace in photography. Photography is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only those who have a genuine love and passion can be successful as a photographer. Brian Jordan is one such talent who has never failed to surprise people with his flair.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Brian Jordan, also known as Brian the Shooter, is a US-based young photographer and entrepreneur. Born in a family involved in the photography and videography business, Jordan was quite passionate about photography since childhood and always wanted to excel in that field. Growing up Brian started learning more about photography from his late grandfather. “I remember seeing that as I grew up and often, I would help out when my parents would videotape an event gig going on. I have always been around cameras in my younger days.” Says Brian. Dedicating his time solely to improve and gain experience in mastering his skill as a photographer. Jordan has come a long way. He officially debuted as a photographer in the year 2017. The outcome of the shoot has gained quite praise from the public. Soon after he launched his brand, Brian the shooter and over the years he is one of the very successful entrepreneurs in the field.

Being in the industry for over 4 years now, Brian’s agency, Brian the shooter, provides high-demand services like aerial photography and videography. His agency also excels in portfolio shoots for models, influencers, entrepreneurs and start-ups. And what makes Brian more popular in the industry is his versatility when it comes to photography. He shoots all kinds of content from portraits, baby shower events to new born, products, concerts and commercials. In addition to this, he has a wide range of editing and shooting styles which makes his work more praiseworthy. Jordan is a man full of energy and creativity. His ability to turn a simple idea into art is simply fascinating.

Over the years, Brian has come across several opportunities which have led him to become what he is today. Along with these opportunities, he has encountered several bumps which have helped him grow as a photographer and an entrepreneur. Currently, Brian has a substantial follower network of 1M+ across all social platforms. Other than being a rising entrepreneur Jordan is a man with a big heart. He believes in giving back to the community so he does charity work whenever it is possible. He is currently looking forward to launching a photography course to teach and help all the budding photographers to become a better version.

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