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Agnese Tarnapovica: The Model Whose Artistic Shoots Are A Sight To Behold

We asked Agnese about her work and how she aims to inspire people both as an aesthetic nurse and a model with amazing artistic photo skills. She is a force that empowers all around her, and her noble thoughts are always reflected in her work. Now, let’s take a glance at what her life looks like!

What is your profession and what message would you like to relay with it?

My name is Agnese Tarnapovica, a model and an aesthetics nurse. My modeling career is all about bringing out the art and emphasizing elements that people fail to notice. Not only that, I work hard to make people confident about themselves as an aesthetic nurse. 

Originally from Latvia, I moved to London in 2009 where I created a name as a model and aesthetic nurse, and now I am based in L.A. and London.

With my profession as a model, I want to help people see that both the inside and outside of a person need to be beautiful, to create something phenomenal. You might be pretty, but if you are having ill thoughts about others, there is no use in that beauty. 

How does your favorite movie influence your work?

I love all the movies that star Audrey Hepburn. They are funny, and also show the feminine side of the world. She was a figure who broke the norms and got out of the mold of being perfect. She displayed how imperfections can be beautiful too, and an outspoken advocate for equality talent. 

She is what inspires me to keep working hard and leave my mark in the world. For that instance,  I have done various artistic shoots in the U.S. and the U.K. and one of my artistic shots is also on display in a prominent hotel in Berlin. 

 What are the major world problems that you would wish to eliminate with your work?

I wish it was in my hands to eliminate all the problems in the world because all of them are bad in some or the other way. Some of the major problems that concern me are climate change. It is real, and it’s insane how the world is not doing enough for it. There was ice flooding in Mexico and it really broke my heart. 

On the other hand, Child trafficking is also a serious issue. According to the UN (United Nations), 20% of the trafficked population are children. I want to contribute as much as I can to eliminate this figure and make the lives of children happy and safe. 

While modeling is a profession that is known for depicting beauty in the eyes of the beholder, I am on the path to changing that narrative. With my proficiency in injectables, aesthetic medicine, and procedures, I aim to make the way of melding modeling with aesthetics and bring more flexibility to the fashion world. So, unrealistic beauty standards are also a part of world problems and have taken more lives than we can realize.

My work as a model is to bring entertainment with life lessons and also show how hard work always pays off. To take a glimpse at my work, visit here. 

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