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Dr. Petter Gjessing Johnsen – Using modern methods to excel in the field of dentistry

Using the most technologically advanced treatments, he has gained enough credibility and recognition around this space.

Maintaining proper dental health has become important as many people across the globe are opting for modern dental treatments that set their pearly set of whites to optimum health levels. Dentists across the world are known to use modern, advanced methods and tools to carry out their procedures which are painless as well as aesthetically up to the mark. Dr. Petter Gjessing Johnsen, a Norwegian dentist lists amongst these who have upgraded their knowledge to be at par with world standards, at the same time known for using the most technologically advanced equipments and tools which give fabulous results.

This 2016 graduate from the University of Oslo is known for his deep knowledge, which revolves around biomimetic dentistry and high-quality dental treatments. The reason he has been successful in amassing a huge client base is because he communicates well with both his patients as well as co-workers, which has helped him gain deep connections inside the industry as well as outside it. He is passionate to educate patients as well as fellow dentists on the latest trends happenings around the dental sphere.

He was more recently in the news as he opened his new high-end dental clinic named ‘Fjord Dental’, in the heart of Oslo in Norway. He says that he has always strived to be the best in the field and that’s visible in his work, which is widely recognized and appreciated for its flawlessness. When asked about his new establishment, Dr. Johnsen says, “Fjord Dental aims at becoming the market leader in Norway and Scandinavia, as the goal is to provide impeccable services which ups patient satisfaction. We are working hard towards making it the best in the region.”

The eminent medical professional is also the co-founder of Arctic Biomimetics, an academy which aims at educating other dentists in the field of biomimetic dentistry. According to Dr. Johnsen biomimetic dentistry is all about recreating nature and the original tooth, which allows dentists to do less invasive treatments and make their restorations last for a long, long time. This year, Johnsen is also launching his own luxurious cosmetic brand.He says that technology and modern treatment options have opened up a plethora of non-invasive methods which are comfortable for patients undergoing treatment.

Dr. Johnsen amalgamated a lot of modern methods like aligner treatments, digital smile design, injection molding and veneer treatment to give his patient the perfect smile – both functionally and aesthetically.

Visit Fjord Dental official website:

Follow Dr. Petter’s official Instagram : @doctor_johnsen

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