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Felix Demin’s visionary ideas and bold business choices turn him into a sought-after business personality

Being a traveller, surfer, and serial entrepreneur, the young talent has stunned people with his successes in all his endeavours.

One cannot deny how the whole of the business space has attained success and development massively. These developments can be attributed to a myriad of factors, including, of course, the advent of technology. But, one of the major reasons is the relentless drive, tenacity, and the right kind of zealousness of a few talented beings, especially from the younger brigade. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such self-made success story, a man who believed in his visions and thus went ahead in achieving them all; we are talking about Felix Demin. 

Felix Demin may appear to be just another youngster vying to make his mark in the vast and ever-so-competitive entrepreneurial space, but he is definitely much beyond being just that, which he has proved by the kind of consistency he has shown in his efforts and his incessant hard work, with which he jumped into multiple businesses and turned all of them highly successful. He initially lived in China for three years and then moved to Bali for the past eight years. Apart from being the versatile businessman he is today; he is also a traveller and surfer.

The successful businessman has already made quite a name for himself in the hospitality sector, having to his name some of the most sought-after tourist destinations across the world, which includes the popular ‘Bubble Hotel Bali.’ This particular hotel brand has been rated in the Top 10 Unique Hotels by AirBnb worldwide. Its top-notch services, ambiance, and different vibe all have attracted the attention of tourists nationally and globally and have also served well-known personalities and celebrities around the world. In Bali, he owns three hotels and also owns the “Private Jet Villa” project, a hospitality facility.

As if this wasn’t enough, Felix Denim, for his love for offering the best travel and luxury experiences to tourists, also owns an old Boeing 737 airplane, which he repurposes into a luxury villa located at the top of a cliff, 150 meters above the ocean. Not just this, this young man also owns one of the biggest logistic companies from China to Russia, known for their service delivery and also a trading company. With Bali Investments, he has also jumped into Bali’s real estate scene, which deals in villa constructions. So far, they have built multiple luxury villas across different towns in Bali.

“Make Bali Clean” is his charitable project, advocating cleanliness and working to change people’s thinking for the better.

Follow him on official Instagram: @felix.demin

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