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The Rodriguez Twins Are Making Noise As Entrepreneur Influencers

Good Looking Twin Models Are Taking Over The Scene In Miami & USA

The young and motivated Rodriguez Twins (born 9/16/1998) are 23 years old from Toledo, Ohio. Who are hitting the South Florida influential scene across all platforms. They are creating trending content on TikTok, Instagram, and other media platforms and starring in multiple music videos.

They are Identical twins of Puerto Rican nationality; they started their career shortly after training for modeling and acting at Houde school of acting and became artists, influencers, entrepreneurs, and social media marketing managers. You can find them on all social media platforms with many viral posts on YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram! They just released their first single, “Alone Now,” on all social media! They also have a clothing company and continue to brand themselves in all the right ways. They have monetized their content on apps such as Patreon and are part owners of a new app called “LitPic” where you can easily monetize your content! They are also creating an NFT project around their artist name, “Trap Twins,” that will soon be available! The NFT and metaverse trend is huge, and these ladies know how to capitalize on trends. Companies like Branded Book, which specializes in NFT project launches, giveaways, promotions, and sellouts, have already shown huge interest.

You can follow the twins on their joint account:, and their accounts are growing daily. &

More news and updates will be coming about these young motivated tattooed ladies. Be on the lookout for more music, clothing, and especially their involvement in the NFT space.

Published by Alex Mamutin X Branded Book
@thebrandedbook @nft_book @nftsavage

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