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Renea Dentman Aids America by Becoming Ms. Notary Doctor

 There are 4.4 million notaries in the United States, but there is nobody other than Renea Dentman who is both an accountant and a notary operating as a teacher within this niche industry. Dentman has her master’s degree in accountancy. She has worked both for the IRS and in the corporate arena. The average certified public accountant (CPA) overlooks the fact that notaries can make large sums of money; therefore, they fail to apply the rule in the law of publications 334 to the average notary tax. Dentman has thus decided to identify herself as Ms. Notary Doctor to assume the important role of remedying this persistent problem by educating tax professionals, CPAs, and other accountants how to exempt notaries properly.

  Dentman refers to herself as Ms. Notary Doctor because she understands the importance of assisting her community of notaries, and she has endured a decade long journey in education to develop her skillset in a much similar manner to a medical doctor. Dentman was an entrepreneur for 5 years and is well aware of the hardships that arise when starting a business. Dentman is able to educate others from multiple angles as a notary entrepreneur and a professional in the accounting industry. As the child of a police officer and a former U.S. soldier, Dentman has garnered a strong will and is accustomed to self-discipline. She would naturally wake up every day at 3:00am during the pandemic to open rooms on the clubhouse app and be the first to educate active listeners about becoming an effective entrepreneur in the notary space. Dentman has recognized the prevalence of animated programs as an extracurricular teacher for many children and has decided to use cartoons on her social media pages as a method to now educate adults.

In 2021, Dentman was recognized by the National Notary Association for teaching people the importance of financial freedom and how to obtain it. She was also recognized by an elite organization called Career Master in March 2022. Career Master flew her to North Carolina to praise her alongside many other women in America who are also doing great things in the corporate world to become career leaders. Within the next year, Dentman aims to become a loan officer so that she can provide funding for a multitude of individuals while continuing to educate them.

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