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Bitcoin Chicks – Roadmap, Utility & Bitcoin Lottery?

If you’re looking for the next stunning NFT project where you earn staking rewards and can use them in a weekly Bitcoin Lottery, here it is: Bitcoin Chicks… 4 words: crazy, colorful, different & sexy.

It was paying homage to both Bitcoin and its anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto. The team created 6969 unique and sexy Bitcoin Chicks living on the Ethereum blockchain. Some multiple utilities & perks come with holding the NFT. For starters, a portion of the minting profits (0.69 Bitcoin, 1.69 Ethereum, 69 Luna, 69 Avax & 6900 CRO) will be gifted back to the community in a random Airdrop. The team will build a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto and his Chicks in a Metaverse of the communities’ choice.

A new NFT collection and the exclusive merch drop will be dropping in August for holders. In September, the Bitcoin Chicks coin will launch, and holders of the NFT will be airdropped tokens, and Staking for tokens will be enabled too. After successful airdrop & staking the bitcoin lottery will go live, and NFT holders will be able to use their staking rewards to participate in the weekly Bitcoin Lottery.

November will be the month of meet-ups, and the first Bitcoin Chicks & Friends Event will take place in a secret location. You can also look forward to receiving a new NFT as they will be airdropping a unique collection of NFTs to their holders. The digital and real world come together in December. The first coffee/bar pop-up will open. Holders of Bitcoin Chicks will receive free coffee, free access to workshops, and will receive actual profits from the coffee/bar.

It’s no secret that holders of Bitcoin Chicks will have massive perks, such as attending exclusive events and random community giveaways. The awesome part is that they involve their community in all decision-making processes. Community members, or holders, will be able to vote on all matters, such as locations of pop-ups and meet-ups, and more. 2023 will be filled with surprises. All holders will receive a “Mint Pass” for their future NFT collections. More pop-ups will be seen around the globe in various locations. As the team mentions, “Expect the unexpected.” Overall, these hot Bitcoin Chicks come with a plethora of benefits. From free coffee to even earning passive income by just holding the NFT.

For more information on the collection and to learn more about the team check their Twitter @bitcoinchicknft or their website
Be sure to check them out and secure your minting position. You are probably asking yourself, When is the Mint?

Get ready because minting will be happening soon. The presale will occur at 9 am PST on June 29th. The next day, June 30th, the Public sale will begin at 9 am PST.

Published by Alex Mamutin X Branded Book
@thebrandedbook @nft_book

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