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Indonesian beauty Priscillia Tan wows the audience at the Mrs Singapore Planet 2018 pageant.

Being crowned the Mrs Singapore Planet 2018 and Mrs Planet World 2018, she has made an impact like no one else.

Global standards of beauty have undergone a drastic change over a period of time, and beauty pageants are no exception. The criteria which can take one close to the title not just depends on looks but an overall charming personality as well, along with good communication skills and bright mind. “Grooming one’s mental health and sharpness is as important as their physical appearance and the world has realized that now,” says Priscillia Tan, who won the coveted title of Mrs Singapore Planet 2018 and Mrs Planet World 2018. According to this Indonesian born beauty you need a combination of spoken skills, good personality and a dynamic stage presence in order to get noticed and walk your way to the top of any beauty pageant as the best looking girls don’t always emerge as winners most of the time as the judges are looking for much more than just good looks.

Priscillia hails from the region of South Asia and has a story that the whole world is talking about. Coming from a difficult family, making life shine for others is her quality. Since childhood, she has been a child with light and happiness in her aura. Her parents always taught her manners, society, and how to give back to society by charity. The money she earns goes towards orphanages and charity. Her personality through many ordeals, she learned from hardships and converted them into lessons. The more people criticized her for anything, the more it motivated her to follow her dreams. She loves her family and is ardently involved in the biz. Even when COVID-19 impacted the business, she kept pushing hard to keep the business as thriving as possible.

An all-rounded personality backed by loads of confidence is the key to the title, believes Priscillia who worked her way to the top by enhancing her skills as well as appearance to eventually bag the coveted title amongst many eligible participants. She says that beauty pageants demand a lot of intelligence, awareness and world knowledge as one has to be quick enough to answer any question that’s thrown at them under immense pressure, which proves the contestant’s worth. Today, the entire setup has evolved significantly and participants have to keep pace with changing times as they have to deal dexterously with the various rounds that shortlist the best from the lot.

We ask Priscillia what advice she would give to aspiring women who want to make it to the top, to which she answered “To reach a position where they desire to be, one needs to believe in themselves and believe that they are unique and stop comparing themselves with others. One needs to come out with complete confidence and put themselves bravely in front of the world, that’s what can make them a winner.” Priscillia Tan’s win has opened up a whole new world for her as she has found many new relationships which she developed during her journey and has been as well exposed to a number of charities in Singapore which she plans to proceed with, to help children, women, children with special needs and old aged going forward.

Priscillia says that her winning of Mrs Singapore Planet 2018 and Mrs Planet World 2018 has imbibed loads of confidence in her, which has helped her speak with an open heart on various platforms she supports and believes in. She has also been offered the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for various commercial brands, along with being invited for numerous launches and prestigious events.

Connect with her on Instagram @vainyllia, to know more email at

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