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The Stretchmen NFT | 7,777 Stretchmen Living in the Stretchverse

The Stretchmen are a collection of 7,777 Unique stretchy NFTs born in the Stretchverse. They are modeled using fun and quirky art style and are some of the most creative and unique characters you will see in the NFT world. With a massive community that’s growing at a spectacularly fast rate, The Stretchmen is one of the most interesting NFT Projects that you should get excited about right now! The Stretchmen NFT has a strong vision for the future, with plans such as hosting parties all around the globe for holders, and even building a in the metaverse!

With a dream of setting the scene for the NFT space, generously rewarding our holders, and building one of the most fun and engaging communities in this space, there is no doubt that The Stretchmen is one of the most inspiring projects in the NFT community.

What is The Stretchmen NFTs? | The Story

The Stretchmen is a collection of 7,777 unique stretchy characters, each having its own unique style, personality, and appearance. One day, an artist decided to upload all of his art into his metaverse plot of land. He would check back every day, uploading a new character. One day when he checked, all the characters had vanished from his plot of land. He realized that these characters had managed to escape to the Stretchverse, and all of his art was finally free. The Stretchverse is a place like no other. A place where all of The Stretchmen hang out, discuss business opportunities, stock trading, real estate, and much more. Surrounding yourself with these types of people will guarantee you a prosperous future. The Stretchmen like to socialize, go on adventures, and even have a little boogie at the nightclub in their free time.

The Stretchmen Official Roadmap

0% – Join the Stretchmen Community !

1% 🏁 The beginning of an incredible adventure and the birth of the community, the members meet on our official networks to interact and follow the project.

5% collab with another NFT and giveaway 5 WL spots

10% The announcement of our giveaway💰, as well as whitelist spots for the most active and motivated members of the project.

15% collab with another nft and giveaway 5 WL spots

20% fan art 🎨 and meme contests, the best content will be rewarded with whitelist spots + NFTs.

25% collab with another NFT and giveaway 5 WL spots

30% The community will be allowed to vote on the project’s direction, including where we will head in the future. 🚀

35% collab with another NFT and giveaway 5 WL spots

40% We will start worldwide marketing strategy to generate a lot of hype. 🙌

45% collab with another NFT and giveaway 5 WL spots

50% Collaboration with an artist👨‍🎨. We will create some designs with an artist from the NFT community.

55% collab with another NFT and giveaway 5 WL spots

60% Here we are on the day of the mint. We are to bring 7,777 Stretchmen onto the blockchain ⛓️. Welcome, to all the new holders!

70% Our merchandising store will open its doors. Paintings, figurines, clothes 🎩 and jewelry will be available to all Stretchmen owners.

80% Stretchmen owners have access to the private club. 🔑 The private club is designed to allow holders to propose their ideas and make decisions with our team about the long-term development of the project.

90% Welcome to the private club for investors and business people. Parties 🎉 and masterclasses will be organized for members. The topics that are going to be discussed will mainly be: Cryptocurrency, NFT, Blockchain, Marketing, and E-Commerce.

100% We purchase land and join the Metaverse. 🌆 We are going to call our plot “The Stretchverse.” All holders will be able to hang out on our plot of land for free.

101% ROADMAP 2 SPOILER : Multiplayer PVP P2E Game 🎮
Official-Links 🔗: Here’s how you can reach Grumpy Pandaz NFT and Join their Amazing Community!.

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