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Creating massive growth in the business space, Ken Harrison’s smart business models and strategies turn him successful

Managing a portfolio with over 11 million dollars in assets and partnering with different companies, he has drawn success for his company H Investments LLC.

No matter how much ever we speak about a few people making their name count in their respective industries, it feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to realize their astuteness, zealousness, and pure skill in business. Many of these professionals have broken the barriers and questioned the norms to create a success story, to positively influence and inspire many other aspiring entrepreneurial talents, especially youngsters in the business space. Ken Harrison has done the same and how. The now 41-year-old CEO of H Investments LLC started as a guy who was highly focused on becoming a successful entrepreneur, and so he did by creating something as amazing as H Investments LLC, all on his own.

There are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals across fields of the world who hardly get the right kind of support in their lives and careers. Ken Harrison was also among those, who had no financial or emotional support, but it was his strong will that helped him become who he is today, an incredible entrepreneur and the brain behind many exceptional business strategies and models that have helped his company expand its portfolio and how. He knew that in the US, 20% of the small businesses fail within the 1st year, but he still was determined to give his best, choosing to swim instead of sinking in the competition and challenges of the business world.

Launching H Investments LLC with a budget of $10,000 was no easy task, and he had to face the storms to keep going on his path, but he did it eventually and now manages a portfolio with more than 11 million dollars in assets while even partnering with companies like Triller and All Day Ace Cannabis together for events. His company is driven by one goal in mind, which is Growth. According to him, experience holds a great value in one’s success story as people can choose to learn from them and implement those learnings in their business models and strategies to succeed.

H Investments LLC’s incredible portfolio now includes Hard Knock University, an Artist Management & Branding Company, Rolling Las Vegas, a Cannabis Tour & Transportation Company, and Aurtism, an Autistic Art Facility. Ken Harrison (@blackcard_ken) owns 50%-100% of every company in their portfolio. In his journey so far, he has always made sure to make the most of every opportunity that came by his way.

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