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Preston Clarke, The Co-founder of FKN Rich Shark Club. Changing the NFT world.

Preston Clarke is an entrepreneur, businessman, mentor to other entrepreneurs, and founder of the FKN Rich Shark Club. His story began at a very young age when he realized he was attracted by business and all it entailed. “Since I was very young, I liked business, and I knew that by doing that, you could make money, and I was passionate about the idea of creating generational wealth. My father was my example since he achieved his wealth honestly through hard work and rising from the bottom. This led me to wonder if after coming from poverty, you can get to live well, then what is the next step?” Preston says.

From this point, Preston was in and out of different business ventures that kept leaving him at a dead end. He had finally made his first 6 figure income at age 19 while investing in NFT’s and different types of cryptocurrencies during the pandemic Which led him on the path of wanting to create his own NFT Collection, one like no other “FKN Rich Shark Club”.

“We were inspired to get into this industry because we saw a unique way to position our clothing with crypto and payments by allowing our exclusive technology to pave the way to linking everything together. Preston Clarke had the vision to create this unique position and create a new market segment. The inspiration to have luxury, unique clothing combined with technology and digital artwork was the true inspiration. We are also able to help people all around the world with the good that comes from the FKN Rich Shark Club NFT project. We will be giving a percentage of all future royalties to ocean-focused charity groups working to rid the world’s oceans of garbage.” “With our background in the payment and credit card space, combining the Rich card with the crypto world only made sense,” Preston shared. “FKN Rich Shark Club is bridging the gap between everyday life and the crypto world. On top of the limited-edition NFTs issued to our early club members, they will also receive one of only 10,000 black metal Rich Visa cards, allowing them to spend their cryptocurrency wherever Visa is already accepted. In addition, early Minters receive 5% royalty for a lifetime, meaning that as the NFT’s value increases, so does your royalty amount! Club members will also gain exclusive access to private events, networking engagements, and FKN Rich branded attire.

What differentiates Preston from others is that he is passionate about what he does. In addition to being so young and so successful as a 19-year-old, having traveled a long and difficult journey, he knows what it takes to succeed despite the odds. He channels all that he has learned into his platform to be able to teach others to avoid similar pitfalls. However, Preston is not done making an impact. His goal in the new year is to help change 1000 people’s lives so that they too can achieve financial independence and freedom like he did. To find out more about Preston and keep up with all he is doing, follow him on Instagram and check out his NFT Collection here.

Published by Alex Mamutin X Branded Book
@thebrandedbook @nft_book

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