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Jason Derulo in talks with Travel Based NFT Project

After making a debut in 2009 with “Whatcha Say”, he became the most popular male artist on the radio in 2014, with nine of his songs reaching the Top 10 Billboard list. He is popular in Youtube reels with his son, King Derulo, and baby mama, Frumes. As of 2022, his total net worth is about $16 million. Like some other musicians, Jason Derulo has been investing in the NFT world. Recently, it was revealed from his tweet that he was deciding on the name of his CryptoPunk.

It was recently seen that Derulo has been having talks with an NFT club by the name of The Proud Lions Club (PLC) on Instagram. This was seen when Jason Derulo asked PLC to DM him after watching one of the sneaks peeks of the Alpha Lion.

NFTs have become a prevalent and hugely lucrative form of asset in the digital world. When it comes to NFTs, it is the idea that counts, and if it hits people the way you had thought it would, you will become rich in the blink of an eye.

The Proud Lions Club (PLC) did not come into existence only for the sole purpose of earning money; rather it is supporting a social cause. When Covid-19 hit the world, tourism declined and affected several other industries too. The proud Lions Club aims to support the industry of tourism. The PLC is a membership program with access to exclusive luxury travel arrangements along with travel discounts. This all is in addition to the fact that a social cause is also supported.

The basic story of PLC is that there is a mythical island in the Indian Ocean that has 7,777 mythical lions and lionesses, led by King Alpha. These mythical creatures would become your gateway to be a part of this community and would be able to travel the world along with helping towards a good cause. In addition, to this, members shall receive STK (Steak Coins), which would depend on the type of lion one owns. When on the one hand, there is artwork being prepared in a couple of days, PLC does not compromise on the quality of the artwork. Thus with unique qualities, the art takes up to a month to provide the member with exquisite detailing.

The pre-sale will begin on the 27th of April, while the Discord Whitelist is already up!

Hurry up and grab your spots to enter the Lionverse!


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