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Creating massive momentum and success in the financial realm, make way for Tony Pinto.

He has been in the world of mortgage and now also transforms lives as a life coach.

Isn’t it surreal to know and learn about all those entrepreneurs, experts, and professionals who make sure to push the envelope in all that they choose to do in their respective careers? Well, the world is filled with tons of successful, talented beings across industries, but among them, only a few go ahead in making a unique niche for themselves by thriving off of their passion, knowledge, zealousness, tenacity, and astute business approaches. It is sometimes essential to speak more about such individuals and professionals as their success stories have the power to instil more hope, positivity, and motivation in others, ultimately inspiring people in ways more than one. Doing that in the lending and the financial industry could prove to be even more challenging, but a few professionals have done even that and shown what it takes to become one’s best version, no matter the competition. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such professional is Tony Pinto, famously known on social media as Pinto Supreme.

Tony Pinto may seem like any other guy in the industry, but there is definitely more than what meets the eye. He is more than what people know of him, and he is glad his work has been creating more value in the industry and, most importantly, changing lives. Speaking about his journey, he says that he has given two decades in mortgage and started as an originator. Later, he moved to California to the state of his old company as a VP. 7 years later, he spread his wings across 23 branches, closed on average 85m a month in loan closings. After 12 years of working with his previous company, 1.5 years ago, Tony Pinto joined Supreme Lending. Supreme Lending has given Tony Pinto the platform to grow his brand, region, and culture the way he wants it.

Supreme Lending has grown as one of the best mortgage lenders in Salt City Lake, UT, US. It is a full-service mortgage lender with licenses in all 50 states and branches across the US and now continues to add new branches, thriving on the customer-first approach, helping homebuyers realize their dreams of homeownership. Tony Pinto mentions that he has been with the company only 1.5 years and is halfway back to the size he was at his old company, where it took him seven years to grow to 1b a year in the region, and now he has done that in two years at Supreme Lending. Split between Southern California and Salt Lake City, Utah, Tony Pinto is a single father and a bachelor who has been changing the game in the lending and the financial realm with his experience and expertise. Changing lives is his purpose and his drive, inspiring and influencing others to reach their potential.

Today, he has branches and operates his region out of both states. Not just this, Tony Pinto also does life coaching, real estate investing in residential and commercial loans, and also do hard money financing. He finds passion in changing lives and making a positive difference in them through his life coaching and his podcast called Mortgage Misfit. With his podcast, he keeps it casual, fun, yet informative in the conservative world of lending. He loves his work, which helps him help families to get them into homes. 

Tony Pinto believes in the power of dreams and more in the power of consistency and perseverance. He says aspiring talents and up-and-comers in any industry today must focus on these qualities and keep moving on their path, no matter what, to become unstoppable in their ventures. With 20 years of experience, he has overseen and closed over 4b in Loan funding and still closes a book of business originating over 50m personally in 2022. It is a part of what makes him successful as a regional

Tony Pinto (@pintosupreme) aspires to help more people get into homes, create more opportunities for people to earn more, and grow as individuals. To learn more, visit

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