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Cameron Silver Invites You To Join the 1%

WHAT THE F*^% IS AN NFT!? We see them all over the place. They are on your social media feed, having exclusive events and festivals, all the way to NFT murals taking over New York City. But what do these “non-fungible tokens” really offer?

Cameron Silver, when asked about his dedicated passion for NFTs states “I’ve never found something as intriguing as NFTs and the web3 world. I’ve played collegiate basketball, managed creative artists, and hosted events. Yet, I have never seen a comparable community and impact potential outside like that of NFT.”

Since the start of the 2022 new year, Cameron has been more involved in the web3 space and NFTs. With the recent hype around NFTs, he has been using his platform to educate his following on NFTs and the possibilities they hold. In doing so, Cameron has been given the nickname ‘Coach Cam’ by his followers and has taken on that coaching role since. Interestingly enough it was a prior job that introduced Cameron to this new metaspace. “I had a blessing of an introduction to NFTs. I was working with LaunchHouse in Beverly Hills, CA to host an event.”

“At that time, EVERYONE in the house was crypto or NFT mega mind! I was forced to feel stupid around some brilliant people. I either let my pride win and avoid feeling stupid or sit and take in all the information like a sponge. I asked questions and was able to learn about the new changing world of NFTs from the people already involved.” The high expansion of knowledge and community opened up opportunities to collaborate with minded individuals. From Derrick Thomas, the founder of Miami and LA Tech runs, to Aquari crypto token founder Cameron Clarke, Coach Cam learned from some of the strongest minds in the new space.

Knowing the knowledge he had acquired had the opportunity to impact other people outside of himself, Coach Cam started ‘NFTalk Sunday’s’ and ‘Walk-Thru Wednesday’s’ where he goes live, bringing in project founders, other educators in the space, and even hosts giveaways to keep the community active and wanting to learn. With powerhouse minds like Srikar of Metaversity NFT and Chase, the founder of Dragoonz NFT, his lives have been impacting lives all over, and he’s just getting started.

Currently, the most significant innovation within the NFT metaverse space is a project Cameron directly supports; HoodApes. While Hoodapes has yet to mint, the project is projected to release with enthusiastic support as it is the first NFT project releasing not only one but four App Store level NFT games.

While the utilities and visual perks of holding NFTs are worthwhile in their own right, the main story of Cameron and many other influencers within the NFT space is that the community is the critical factor. This is another key feature in the Hood Apes project that grabbed Cameron’s attention. “This project is working to include and educate all walks of life in this community. Not only bringing awareness of NFTs themselves but also offering full A to Z education to the community,” says Cameron when asked why he got involved with Hood Apes.

The goal of Hood Apes is to empower every member of the Hood Apes community with the knowledge and the skills needed to be successful in this web3 space. Knowing the incredible growth and ongoing influx of new information, it is great to see a team taking on the task of openly educating the new NFT communities. “I never realized the power that I held in this space until my friend, Novakaiine222, called me and told me he pulled a pen and paper out and took notes during my NFTalks Instagram live. Then he said he hadn’t taken notes in years. That showed me that people truly value this information. That I have the opportunity to actually provide impact in people’s lives. It gave me my true voice,” adds Cameron.

Hood Apes offers access to metaverse property for the holder and play to win opportunities in 4 different games to gain value. He goes on to say, “Hood Apes gives me a team to build with and create a bigger impact than I, myself, could ever create alone.”

With this ever-growing web3 space becoming more and more popular by the day, it’s great to see young people educating and having others willing to listen and be educated. Cameron was given the opportunity recently to talk on the CryptoCast podcast hosted by Alexis Lete and Jason Grys, where he spoke about what NFTs are and the power they hold in communities and branding. CryptoCast podcast follows Alexis Lete as she goes through her journey through the NFT and web three space and allows the listeners to learn with her find comfort in knowing there are others still learning and growing in this space.

Knowing the sheer amount of projects constantly coming out and seeing large sales for these NFT projects, how does one go about getting started in the NFT space?
“The most important thing to know when starting your NFT journey is that there is less than 1% of the US that is actively involved in NFTs. Do you know what that means? YOU ARE STILL EARLY! We are just scratching the surface, so take your time and D.Y.O.R. One of my favorite acronyms, Do Your Research. Please keep it simple stupid and search the basics. Start with Google. ‘What is an NFT?’ ‘What is Ethereum?’ ‘what is Ethereum built for?’ Then jump to YouTube and watch NFT videos. A lot of youtube videos!” Cameron also listed a few educators from whom he has gained inspiration, knowledge, and opportunities in the NFT space.
Cameron offered an exclusive bit of ‘alpha’ to our team and informed us that he would have his own NFT project coming soon to help communities learn and earn as well.
Please keep a lookout for Coach Cam and the projects he is involved with.

Educator Instagrams: @kiccz @profitsoverwages @kidjuda @dt_32
nstagram link for Live NFTalks

Hood Apes Discord community link

CryptoCast podcast – Nft Sauce with Coach Cam

Published by Alex Mamutin
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