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Meet Internet Sensation Karina Nicoldine

Karina Nicoldine is a full-time business owner, athlete, model, and director. She’s a track and field record holder, runs multiple businesses like her workout programs, clothing line, social media mentorship and more, she’s been modeling for about the same time she’s been an athlete and soon when she finds a sponsor for her show she will officially be a director.

Growing up, Karina always remained focused by constantly thinking about where she wanted to be in the next five years, always thought about her parent’s successes & put her trust in God, but it still was never easy. Peer pressure & other people’s successes sometimes questioned if she was going on the right path and making the right choices, but with prayer, all worrying questions are answered. We all ask about our course sometimes, and that’s okay. Remain calm, work hard and trust God will soon show you why God is putting you on the path you’re on. Going to a private university in Miami, Karina realized how different it was from being in private school from elementary-high School. The freedom, cultures, and personalities in another city showed Karina she was right where she needed to be. She got to be an extra in multiple tv shows music videos, hang out with many celebrities, take acting classes & walk in fashion shows, not to mention the hundreds of photoshoots.

Upon graduating, she goes back home to settle her true passion; her invention ideas. She begins to travel the world, visits her native country and all over Europe! Soon later, she meets the love of her life and is now excelling more than she ever has in Dallas, TX. We never know where our life will take us. Remember to remain calm patient, never stop loving, & never stop working hard during that journey.

Follow her amazing journey on her website and her Instagram account, be sure to show your love!

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