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Beverly Kills Making Noise on

The Story Of The Artist Behind The NFT Project Beverly Kills

I grew up in west London (Ladbroke Grove). Still, Notting Hills, when anyone in an interview asked because Ladbroke Grove as an area had a reputation of gang violence and drug crime, however, this was a lot more different to me; this was home which raised me and made me into the man I am today. Born in 1994, I was raised by my mother as my father wasn’t around. However, I had an older brother whom I looked up to and respected who taught me the actual values of becoming a man.

I drew a lot of inspiration from my brother as he was a heavy art collector; his central art was from Banksy’s legend. I used to go to his house to be around the art because it spoke to me, and I honestly had a deep love for him. However, I wouldn’t understand the true positive implications this would have on me until I grew much older and became the ‘Banksy of NFTs’ because of the environment I grew up in; not becoming a product of my background was a full-time job.

One day I woke up at 4 am with a severe stomach ache, which carried on for two days straight; long story short, the general practitioner mistakenly diagnosed me as having a stomach bug. He gave me antibiotics and told me I’d be better in the week, and he was wrong. I lost 12 kilograms in the space of a week, and my sickness became so bad it pushed me on the borderline of anemic as I hadn’t eaten or drank in the week or drank. After receiving an urgent call from the general practitioner to hurry to the hospital because my blood test revealed I had inflammatory bowel disease, which put me in a hospital bed for ten days under urgent care.

Beverly Kills:
While I had all the time in the world for the first time in a while, I had time to think and reflect on my life while in the hospital, I began to do a lot of research on NFTs which caught my attention. I then began to want my project as I’ve always wanted to project my artistic skills and point of view in many categories of the world, which was the birth of Beverly Kills, a spin-off from Beverly Hills.

Growth And Community
I opened up Beverly Kills on a platform called after creating tons of digital artwork in the hospital; I released a few pieces which sold effortlessly; I then joined a few live spaces on Twitter which are like chat rooms for NFT enthusiasts on platform and began sharing my experiences with the community which then supported my project which in short became an overnight hit on

Since then, I have built a fantastic community within Beverly Kills, the Beverly Kills Members Club, where I give my members valuable giveaways like art, physical art from Saatchi Gallery in London to collectibles like Bearbrick Banksys. I now have a project that sells out in 2 minutes and a great community.

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