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Dr. Oussama Alaoui Restores Smiles With His All Encompassing Prosthodontics Knowledge.

He specializes in the refined art of complex dental restoration and full mouth rehabilitation.

The way a few industries over the years have developed is proof enough of the relentless drive and efforts with which a few professionals have worked towards the same. Bringing glory to different business niches and fields has made a few rare gems attain massive recognition in their fields. Amidst this, how could the medical industry stay behind? The industry has welcomed some of the greatest minds so far, specifically in the world of dentistry across the world. We couldn’t help but notice the rise a prosthodontist named Dr Oussama Alaoui, who today is known as a smile architect in the UAE, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Currently, he serves as the head of the Prostho Department at Harmony Medical Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and with his long years of international experience of more than 21 years in the industry has attained specialization in the refined art of complex dental restoration and full mouth rehabilitation. He works as a maestro in the industry, having an immense understanding of the perfect balance and ratios required to recreate natural beauty, guiding his team using state-of-the-art technology to deliver that perfect smile that each of his clients seeks. Talking about his work in the industry, Dr Oussama Alaoui explains that his work includes providing the best medical treatments through proper treatments plans, taking into account the needs and requirements of every client, and not just focusing on doing the aesthetics.

That is how he has attained genius in dentistry, dealing in aesthetics, veneers, crowns, and the like. He wants to focus on the natural appearance of the new concept of aesthetic of the smile. Also, he mentions that most of the people seeking such dentistry treatments hardly have knowledge about how dangerous veneers and cosmetic treatments can get if not done properly, damaging the teeth ultimately. Therefore, a specialist is always needed just like him to deal with aesthetics case by case. His skills, talents, and passion have also featured him on various TV shows. Even on social media, Dr Oussama Alaoui makes sure to spread awareness about the danger of the exaggeration of doing aesthetics if not done properly under expert supervision.

Interestingly, Dr Oussama Alaoui is also an avid photographer who loves to capture his clients’ smiles and their newfound confidence by taking beautiful close-ups and portraits in his studio. Oussama has also been featured as one of the Top 30 Personalities Disrupting the Beauty Industry in 2021 .

To know more, visit his website,

Follow him on Instagram: @droussamaalaoui

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