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“The Purpose and Passions of Peake’s Performance” – an up close and personal look at Marvin Peake

Rising from the depths of childhood homelessness and extreme poverty to the heights of financial freedom and triumphant success, Marvin Peake beat the odds to become a highly sought-after life strategist, business and personal development advisor, and motivational speaker. In this interview, we go up close and personal with Marvin, as he shares insights on overcoming abandonment, heartache, despair, and betrayal, to finding unique ways of attacking suffering at its roots, and revolutionizing the meaning of self-worth, relationships, and wealth. Finally, with no holds  barred, he offers us with great intensity his passion for unity and oneness, and above all his mission to end world poverty.

Q: Hi, Marvin welcome and thank you for coming.

Marvin: It’s an honor. Thank you for having me.

Q: Let’s get right it. Can you tell us a moment when you felt like you truly connected with anyone you’ve aimed at inspiring/motivating?

Marvin: The challenge with most of us is that we’re unconsciously operating on ancient subconscious programs. In other words, on autopilot, stuck in cruise control, asleep at the wheel. The mind and body, believe it or not, are either constantly remembering the painful past or anticipating a hurtful future. Our thoughts are so heavily bombarded that it thwarts our ability to hear, let alone retain what we hear. I know when I’ve connected to a person when I’ve disconnected and deactivated them from their subconscious programs. By using various techniques, I’ll interrupt their pattern, which may include but not be limited to a certain tone in my voice, my cadence, jarring their body unexpectedly, producing laughter, and getting them to take awareness of their five senses in any given moment. Once I’ve brought them into the present, my message is heard, retained, and oft-times repeated back to me.  

Q: Do you think your work has changed lives? Or do you still think there’s more work to do?

Marvin: It is said that the biggest room in the house is the room for improvement. Nothing in life is ever truly at rest. The first law of the universe itself is motion, which means that naturally, change itself is inevitable. That fact is proven to us repeatedly with the changing of seasons and the rising and setting of the sun. My work goes beyond changing lives, for it is not me that changes a life; it is me that introduces others to a greater alignment with the constant and immutable change of life itself. As these changes take place, it is our alignment, our growth, our non-resistance, our allowance that determines our improvement, or if there’s more work that needs to be done.

Q: What kind of problems do you wish to aid in solving? What activist projects do you have in the works that are aiming to solve these social issues/injustices?

Marvin: There’s an old matrix-like system of control and manipulation that has plagued all of humanity for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years. This system is fueled by separateness and celebrated for individualism. It has been the very cause of our suffering – poverty, violence, and ripping apart of our purpose and life’s expression. Certainly a problem in need of solving. An awakening. A deprogramming. A clearing out of the old hardware and a downloading of new software. One that says, “if we only dare to see that there’s so much more to our purpose on Earth than to spend valuable energy on attempting to fight against, find wrong and destroy another person, deliberately harming others over misunderstood and disagreeable situations, we could use our presence here to look for solutions together, build a legacy of forgiveness, togetherness, oneness, bringing in a new and better world, and dedicating our time and attendance on this planet to everything else that truly matters.” 

My Global Access Initiative, the indelible mission of Manoj Bhargava, and Billions in Change, the unforgettable legacy of the late, great Paul Polak, and his Out of Poverty mission, the works of Dr. Deepak Chopra, and many others lifting and upholding the standard of selfless service to others, unity, and oneness.

Q: What do you find yourself most passionate about in this world? How can you get others to feel that same passion, and act on it?

Marvin: The biggest passion is the awakening of humanity to a oneness consciousness. First, by example, to help grow us out of the darkness of individualism and into the light of higher awareness. Helping us to understand that though we have individual life assignments and personal cosmic curriculums, we’re not alone. We are here to adhere to a oneness consciousness. We are all, in fact, inextricably connected, encompassed together in a unified field and sharing in the unity of the All-Pervasive Spirit. My passion, through my presence and my purpose, is to help us see that we are not only a reflection of each other but rather extensions of each other. What I want for myself, I want for you. For you are me, and I am you. We are one. And without you, I don’t exist. Without me, you don’t exist.

Q: How would you describe your coaching style?

Marvin: The term coach was coined originally by my big brother and friend Tony Robbins. Neither he nor I can hardly stand the term now.  Nowadays we’re finding nearly everyone, their grandma, and next door neighbor describing themselves as some kind of “coach.” However many of these newly self-anointed masters of know-it-all, hop onto this new -age fad of convenience to infringe on others, using other peoples struggles for their own needed therapy. It’s become a self-intoxicating urge to lead someone else knowing deep down inside they can’t even lead themselves. I’m still learning to lead myself, and not here to tell people what they should and shouldn’t do. But I am an example. A standard, and a standard-bearer. If any part of my life is useful to others, then that old adage – “I can show you better than I can tell you” is my coaching style. 

Q: What was a life-changing moment for you? We know how your life did a full 180º, but can you give us the one moment that was truly the game-changer?

Marvin: The breakup of my last relationship. We often use the metaphor of a “broken heart.” There was a literal broken heart for me that was the impetus of/for me discovering and deactivating my own subconscious programming, and the reason there is a book called Out of the Tunnel to share with the world.   

Q: Who are the people you follow who continue to inspire you, and why?

Marvin: I don’t follow anyone, but I learn from everyone. Many have inspired me and have helped to shape and evolve who I am becoming. These individuals have displayed brilliance, fierce tenacity, humbleness, selflessness, inimitable expressions in various fields of endeavor, and the embodiment of realizing their worthy goals and intentions. Those people who make me stop, look, and listen include the late Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Merle Streep, Ray Dalio, Beyoncé, Robert Smith, J. K. Rowling, Mark Cuban, the late Ingrid Bergman, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Tyler Perry, Dr. Venus Nicolino, Dr. Donny Epstein, Sting, Charlize Theron, Master Stephen Co, Lily Dash, Shaquille O’Neal, Dr. Bobbi Peterson, Amanda Gorman, all children, and the homeless lady on Skid Row in LA with whom we affectionately refer to each other as “Cherokee.”

Q: Tell us more about your book, your hopes for it, and the process so far.

Marvin: My book, Out of the Tunnel, is a rag to riches to rags story that leads to a great awakening of self, relationships, money, and unending success. Tunnel is a chronology of my life story that offers the reader an opportunity to see themselves in all of their own struggles, hardships, setbacks, rejections, and betrayals – and the solutions to get to the other side. As a big bonus, I draw upon the distilled wisdom and share the details of working with and being around some of the wealthiest, most famous, and most influential people of the world. People I’ve had up close and personal encounters with, like Tony Robbins, President George W. Bush, Michael Jordan, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, multiple civil and human rights leaders, and many more. Strategies therein offer the reader practical knowledge and incredible insight on how to reach their highest potential and bring to life their greatest good. Additionally, I offer a new look at the Law of Attraction, by guiding the reader to a more coherent awareness of ancient subconscious programs, cultural conditioning, and limiting beliefs. It’s a discovery and a revealing of the answers to Mastering the Science of Success and Living the Art Of  Fulfillment, and I’m sharing it with the world. 

Q: What do you think is your ultimate goal in life? You truly did start from the bottom and end up at the top, so what’s next for you?

Marvin: Having goals is a wonderful thing. They’re a great start to discovering and realizing one’s purpose and intent. By having goals, I was given something worthy of aspiring to. Having goals has indeed served me well. However, I no longer have goals. After having achieved so much success, of which I am eternally grateful, I learned that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. To me, fulfillment is the complete embodiment of intent and desire. It is an inner light and vibration that I have direct access to. It’s always present, increasingly abundant, and it is permanent. Goals, on the other hand, are more of a wanting. An unconscious admission of lack or absence. I believe that everything I desire is either already here or is vastly making its way to me. Energy seeks its own kind and like unto itself is drawn. Therefore, my only job is to be in alignment vibrationally with what already is. It’s not so much about going after it; it’s about being it and letting it come after me. This doesn’t mean I won’t take concerted action to obtain my desires, but it means that I take action only when I’ve completely embodied the essence of my desire. After all, energy seeks its own kind, and like unto itself is drawn. The Universe, Source, God will only give us what we already have. 

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