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444Roro is really making a name for himself @triple4roro

Upcoming rapper 444Roro is rapidly growing an extensive audience stream with his invasive, creative wisdom and ability to depict that through the weaving of his lyrical structures. Just within a short span of time, his songs have grossed thousands of streams on various platforms. Although he is just 16 years of age, his vision and unique style shows the potential of a global breakthrough. His single, T and Hold n Chill’ is garnering widespread appreciation because of its melodic and catchy beats and turns. As an independent artist, he is paving the way for a career that will lead to bigger opportunities in his scope of creative visions. His music is not supported by any distribution label, production house but still succeeded in gaining traction with his immensely creative and musical fervour.
We really think in a matter of time 444Roro will obtain the success he had been looking for from the beginning. 444Roro has thousands of people listening to his music and we really think this isn’t the end for him but only a small fraction of what he can do 444Roro spits his flex heavy lyrics on this smooth production. 444Roro is only 16 years old and making great music, the growth and evolution of the rising star and is one to look forward to. The artist is gradually becoming an inspiration for the underground rap community. Based out of the Uk, he has created a soundscape that is unique and eccentric and does not overlap with the existing streams of similar-sounding music. The artist has put his passion and creative vision in one linear progression that has helped him gain more acknowledgements. His popularity on various music-streaming platforms gave him the exposure to reach out to the global crowd. Modern-day hip hop and rap are constantly going through cultural and creative evolution. His recent songs ‘T and Hold n Chill’ will further enlarge his personal and artistic growth that will push him towards availing new sound structures and production features in his music.
Artist 444Roro constantly thrives towards improvement and making his soundscape a refined version of his inner mind. Working out of his bedroom, his journey as an artist picked up pace over the past year and has succeeded in garnering widespread audiences. His song ‘T’ has collected over 100k streams on various platforms collectively and paves the way for yet another successful venture in his career

Follow 444Roro and join his journey to success on Instagram and Spotify to participate in the contemporary resurgence of rap.

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