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Conscious beauty brand “De Moi,” created by Demee Koch, offers fast results with multipurpose products.

The team behind the brand supports various charities, aiming to create products for making the world a better place to live in.

Isn’t it amazing to learn about all those professionals that aim to clinch excellence before securing success? Well, so many such entrepreneurs and professionals have, over the years, propelled forward in their respective industries because they have chosen to think beyond the usual and offer uniqueness to people, they serve while also making sure to give back to society and the environment. Today’s day and age call for many such brands and businesses that can make a positive impact in the outside world and offer products and services that can do good to people from the inside. Demee Koch’s “De Moi” has been doing exactly that and much more.

De Moi was created out of the passion of Demee Koch, who believed in her visions and ideas of creating an authentic company that underscores conscious entrepreneurship and conscious beauty, following ethical and innovative work structures that normalizes social impact highlighting cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly products.

Today, De Moi has achieved milestones as a leader in the  conscious beauty movement, thanks to the Founder and CEO of the brand Demee Koch who combined her two passions, one – developing beauty products of substance and two – championing important causes. She has emerged as a sought-after speaker, guest author, and commentator on the subjects of conscious beauty and entrepreneurship, self-care, advocating healthy beauty, inclusivity, empowerment, and social impact. She has been silently disrupting the beauty industry under a no-nonsense philosophy, with a mind full of determination and a team of passionate and experienced change-makers. With having over two decades of experience in the industry, Demee Koch launched the Conscious Beauty Movement, which gained the support of various industry experts and leaders. She proudly says that she is an advocate for inclusion and women’s empowerment, which has made her a recipient of several honours and accolades. Demee has recently become a member and contributor of the invite only Forbes Business Council. She is also on the Board of Advisory of the boxing brand SPARBAR and a board member of Lux Vivendi GMBH. She also supports various other charitable organizations working to improve the lives of others.

Under the leadership of Demee Koch, the team at De Moi support and organize events in different part of the world. So far, they have done Entrepreneur 101 Seminar, Children Empowerment Program, Learn to Dream Campaign, Feed a family in collaboration with different organizations around Europe, Feed a Frontliners in UK, Breaking Silence Scholarship Program, Lumad Scholarship, Monthly Women Empowerment Seminars/Events. The brand has already spread its wings across different parts of the world and has been changing the industry and influencing other entrepreneur to sincerely  integrate social impact into their business.

To know more, visit its website,
Follow Demee Koch official Instagram: @demee.official
Follow Demee Koch Business Instagram Page: @demoi.official

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