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Apex Predators, This NFT project is one to watch for the coming months

The Predators-

Welcome to Apex Predators, an NFT drop consisting of 5000 unique pieces, 1000 pieces spread out each week of the 5 most dangerous predators on planet Earth and now the Metaverse! Each person will have the opportunity to choose to join the Lions, Polar Bears , Great White Sharks, Crocodile, or Tigers. No matter which predator you choose, we all have to work together to overtake land In the Metaverse.

First Drop – Lions

Apex Predators will be dropping their first 1000 collectibles collection on January 6th (200 whitelist members) and January 7th for main sale. People in pre sale are guaranteed a spot to purchase an NFT, where main sale it is no guarantee people will be able to claim. Each person that claims will receive two NFT’s. They get one piece of Lion art and their own piece of metaverse land. The art NFT of the lion allows holders to have voting rights for decisions made in the project moving forward. Apex Predators have already purchased land in Sandbox as well as the Atari Alphaverse for their holders BEFORE the mint. This is a huge telling point in the direction of the project as typically projects “promise” to purchase land AFTER sell out. The fact that Apex Predators is in 2 Metaverse pre launch is a bullish sign. After the first drop has concluded, holders will have conference calls to decide what land will be used buildout, what will be built on it, who will build by themselves, and many other variables the projects future depends on. The great thing about this project is that the community has the final say in major decisions so the majority will always be in favor. The art NFT serves holders 1 voting right for future projects and will have part in deciding on future community decisions.  Not only that, every NFT holder will have ownership of the zoo being built out in sandbox.

The Goal

Apex Predators goal is simple…to bring together like minded people at the start of a technological revolution. By giving every owner 1 voting right per Art NFT we want to work together as a whole to build our community and continuously explore different investment opportunities in the digital world. Apex Founders on the project, “We want this to be community driven. We have the tools now let’s have everybody pick one up and get to work together. In 5 years we envision every holder to be a “digital real estate agent” with their own portfolios and assets.”

Published by Alex Mamutin
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