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Mr. Akash Kanaujia – An entrepreneur leading from the front

The true leader makes optimum utilization of adverse conditions and creates an opportunity during such situations. During the Covid-19 pandemic waves, many businesses have switched to digital platforms, and have started running in different modes. Many businesses got collapsed because of a lack of vision.

There are some entrepreneurs and leaders, who think ahead of their times, have some vision, and throw themselves to achieve massive success. Mr. Akash Kanaujia is one of them. After completion of Post Graduation, which means MCA, he earned Google certification in digital marketing from Microsoft. It was a big achievement for him, which led to thriving hard for his passion to work in the field of Digital Marketing, with specialists in SEO, Data Analysis.

He is born and brought up in Kanpur. So, he was very familiar with the hurdles faced by small and micro-level businesses. Digitalization and the online presence of businesses were essential, but many micro, small and medium scale businesses were unaware of the potential of such presence. And that was the missing link. Mr. Akash, with his unique vision, decided to provide a helping hand to such businesses to grow and he founded ADK IT solutions, the best software company in India. Due to his uniqueness in service-providing methodologies, ADK IT solutions have achieved a lot with the title of the best software company in India in such a stipulated time. He has completed 100+ projects in a single year. That is a big achievement. Isn’t it?

He is the real role model for youth, who is passionate about entrepreneurship. He has earned trust from clients, and became popular in very little time, because of his vision, perfect blend of hard and smart work, and zeal towards cutting edge technology. At the age of 25, he has achieved name, fame, glamour, but his roots towards human values, ethics, and belief towards humanity are strong.

Mr. Akash Kanaujia has made the presence of his business to the global level. His clients range from big corporates, MNCs, global companies, to micro-level enterprises. He has remarkably shown the concept of the Gen Next business model, with no boundaries. His business has revolutionized changed the marketing and business strategies of his client’s businesses. Now, he is planning to make the picture bigger. The global presence of his business has made the entire Kanpur feel proud. Now, he is dreaming more. As his name suggests, the sky is the limit for those, who are passionate, innovative, and creative. With the integrated blend of cutting-edge technologies and ADK IT solutions, being the best software company in India get ready to re-engineer your business.

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