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LavaX Labs Makes Major Infrastructure and Security Boost with Kaizen.Finance Integration

Autonomy, security, and stability within the world of cryptocurrency have become a phenomenon within the last few years. Keen investors both novice and pro are on their toes as blockchain technology has changed the way people manage and invest their money. Avid cryptocurrency investors, or those interested in getting their feet wet, now have a platform where token holders can place their investments into a secure place with added infrastructure support.

LavaX Labs will be integrating into the Kaizen.Finance platform and protocol to create a seamless system where projects can issue their tokens and set parameters for their IDO with minimal to no need for creating their own development resources. Thus, the industry receives a one-stop-shop where tokens can be launched through the LavaX platform and backed by Kaizen’s secure infrastructure support. Prior to this new integration, LavaX developed this unique opportunity for investors to enter the cryptocurrency market by developing their own tokens to back exceptional ideas using their launchpad platform. This new partnership between LavaX and Kaizen will not only continue the focus of launches on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche but will also add the ability to support Solana, which helps create a more diverse offering. As a result, LavaX will be issuing IDOs and token ecosystems on several different blockchains and networks that benefit its community approach.

This partnership is fruitful not only for project launches but also for the DAO – opening up opportunities for users to take part in numerous upcoming IDOs with both Kaizen and LavaX. Furthermore, projects will have the ability to create seamless token launches with additional functionality. These features include: automated vesting schedules, staking of vested tokens, locking of team tokens, LP issuance on different automated market makers like PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Trader Joe, Raydium, and much more. Kaizen’s protocol and top-tier development team will safely and securely ensure that users and projects will be able to utilize and capture the best value for all tokens launched on LavaX.

Looking ahead, LavaX will now be able to provide its token holders with a variety of investment options and possibilities with greater flexibility and security. “The goal is to become one of the first decentralized autonomous IDO platforms. In achieving this goal, the LavaX platform will be outside of any political influences and our members will face none of the usual pressures that are experienced by those who subscribe to other IDO platforms,” said Jonathan Poots, a core DAO member and founder of Magnus Capital.

As 2021 winds down, LavaX Labs is expected to release exciting new opportunities for its community of investors, in addition to a plethora of IDO launches in Q1 with constant improvements to its platform, UI, and security, to become one of the most attractive decentralized autonomous organizations to date.

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