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NFT AJC on the Foundation

We are the growing Instagram directory «NFT — Auction Journal Conquete» which specializes in promoting the crypto creations of artists from all over the world. Our mission is to promote crypto art and tell the world about new digital artists: Today many works of crypto artists do not fall into the field of sight of collectors, so we maintain and develop our Instagram. This is one of the main goals of the, which is attractive for collaboration.

We consider the to be the most promising for cooperation for a number of reasons. Today, crypto artists have the opportunity to exhibit their work and participate in auctions in online galleries like real works in real life. This became possible thanks to NFT tokens — binding a unique digital signature to a specific digital file that cannot be forged. This turned out to be a turning point — collectors began to invest digital currency in digital art, and artists, who had been waiting for universal recognition for many years, finally received an assessment of their work.

To limit the selection and try to attract verified artists to the auction, most platforms offer confirmation and invitation. In this sense, has become a special community, which can only be accessed by a personal invitation from a member who is already on the site and also has a successful sales history.

The Foundation provides artists with the tools to create digital art, expanding their creativity and financial opportunities. Since the artist attracts a lot of attention and attracts many admirers, the collector may decide to sell it at a higher price after purchasing his work. The basic idea behind selling is that the artist receives ten percent of every resale (that is, every time a collector sells his work to someone else for a higher price). For digital artists, this app opens up a secondary market that rewards them financially when their work rises in value.

The Foundation’s website has become not only a convenient place for finding and buying works of art, it is also a community of crypto artists. They can not only get financial support, but also connect with people who have the same ideas. Our «NFT — Auction Journal Conquete» project supports Foundation.App. Today we publish NTF tokens on our Instagram page, which are posted in our profile on this platform. We are proud to be part of such a significant community of crypto artists for the modern world and look forward to further cooperation.
Published by Alex Mamutin
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