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Happy Rabbi NFT is on Opensea, Double-Digit owners, Trade Volume & Solid Road Map.

A New way and collect to enjoy NFT and Metaverse!

The story behind this collection is beyond remarkable, and its intent is even more fabulous! It is a combination of many worlds, resources, and passions between the creator and the goals of the collection’s success. The Instagram page has received over 15,000 followers, and the collection started trading on open sea with over ten owners already. A passion project Alex Mamutin created, who is the owner of Branded Book has been an innovative digital marketing company for almost a couple of decades. He was always into art as a child and now found a way to connect his passion and work with the love of the new evolving NFT world. Now he has diverted his attention to being an NFT & Metaverse consultant and marketer, using his experience and knowledge in the industry as the core.

The Happy Rabbi collection is fully minted and has 1800 pieces that are unique 1/1. The floor price is .18 Eth, and speculators encourage investors and collectors to jump in now on open sea’s platform. Happy Rabbi is one of those collections that will at the very least hold its value and has the potential to go 10X-100X within days or months.

“A collection all about happiness, positivity, joy, love, knowledge, and spread of charity alongside financial gain for a long time to come. The collection is based on multiples of 18, also known as “chai” and stands beautifully for LIFE!”

Branded Book, alongside all of their affiliate networking contacts and a strong footprint in the NFT space, has prepared a strong push for this collection. They closely connect with industry-leading celebrity giveaway organizers, crypto coin marketers, bloggers, and community managers in discord groups and Reddit. They are running giveaways on social media platforms and Reddit, and They are sponsoring events, good causes, events, and many other things. The art is genuinely respectable and was not just done with a click of a button. Many sleepless nights and thoughts have gone into curating something fun, beautiful and I would want to make people own a Happy Rabbi. This search link can find the Reddit giveaways for collage pieces and rare 1/1 happy rabbi NFT.

This project is surrounded by creative minds, people who do good by others, their families, and the communities! Happy Rabbi and Happy Life to all! More press is in the works and exciting news about this collection and others branching from here, artists, and collections they are marketing and networking with.
@brandedbookpr @thebrandedbook
Alex Mamutin @mamutya2.0

Invest and collect with the best!

Happy Rabbi @nftsavage @nft_book

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