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Tera Carissa Hodges: A faith based entrepreneur empowering women around the world to refuse to settle for being attacked for their success.

She is the founder of “Success Bullying,” a platform dedicated to normalizing seeing women as capable of success.

Empowering women against success bullying in their careers is what Tera Carissa Hodges pledges to help women with through her website “Success Bullying,” which is all about aiding women to fight the bullying and the slander they face on their journey to success, accomplishment and achievement. She aims to instill women with hope, confidence, and positivity to further encourage their success and taking their career to the next level.

Tera Carissa Hodges is an internationally known faith based empowerment speaker, coach and entrepreneur who believes women are always underestimated when they wish to be successful on their terms.
“People of a certain demographic—because in my experience, that type of thinking begins to wain as you shift to higher classes—not income earners but people with higher emotional intelligence, societal success of their own and or higher educational attainment, are always trying to assume a man must have helped a successful woman on her path to success in ways that equally successful men have not been help.”

“They struggle to believe a woman’s success was not based purely on talent, education, ingenuity and hard work. Yet, readily and easily believe a man’s was. In psychology, it’s what we call limited beliefs. Naysayers of women’s success are projecting their limited beliefs on other women.”

“Perhaps they didn’t see women in their families or communities as successful so their default belief based on what they saw was successful women don’t exist. However, that’s not my story!

Growing up, I saw successful women. My paternal Grandma was a well respected college professor, my step mom, a Harvard educated attorney, one of my closest female cousins is the director of one of the nation’s largest medical practices, Oprah Winfrey is from my home state, my favorite teachers, all women. So I had first hand experience and proof that women are capable of enormous success.
Though the patriarchal society we live in has so ingratiated the minds of a certain demographic of people—even other women at times, I know that women can shatter glass ceilings without the help of a man holding her hand. This is not to say successful people don’t need help. Bill Gates received help. He did not build his empire alone, nor did Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, or Jeff Bezos. Even Presidents of nations don’t get elected based on just their hard work. But it is to say, as it relates to women, let’s stop believing if “the help” wasn’t there, neither would her success. No. Successful men and women know how to get it done when there is no help, people have turned their backs on them, doubted and discounted them and more. You can’t get help with that. Either it’s in you or it’s not.”

Tera Carissa Hodges believes that it is now time to transform women’s beliefs about themselves and other women towards believing women are capable and unstoppable.

Globally recognized for her faith, Tera Carissa Hodges has provided several faith based solutions through her website which help women feel empowered against any accusations people may hurl at them out of jealousy or their own limited beliefs, to deter them.

She recommends prayers for healing, meeting new people who are equally doing well or better, self-care, finding positive and healthy ways to fight toxicity, setting new goals to focus on and many more.

To learn more,
Follow her on Instagram : @teracarissahodges

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