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Slapwoods™️ “Wraps” Up A Successful Year Globally w/ “A Verry Slappy Christmas” Giveaway

It’s no Secret, The Slapwoods Brand has had an exceptional year globally as their Brand Awareness continues to ascend and become a major piece of the cultures heart. As any successful entity should, The Houston-Based Brand is “Wrapping” up their year with The Ultimate Giveaway- “A Verry Slappy”Christmas Charity Effort that will provide Christmas Gifts for 5 Houston Based Families!

The most exciting piece to this already honorable effort is the fact that it’s “For the people, And chosen by the people” as Slapwoods is allowing the Houston Community to elect the 5 Families by way of submitting a short Reason and or Reasons why the family of their choice should be a Verry Slappy Recipient.

We anticipate this effort will be an annual 1 of 2 Holiday Themed Charitable Efforts as The Slapwoods Brand also participates in Thanksgiving Heavily- The priority is to always lift the less fortunate up with at-least a hot meal on Thanksgiving Day. In closing, Most people are taught to give back very early on in life. Especially those of us who have always been fortunate enough to be able to give without going without.

The extra special thing about “Big Brands” such as Slapwoods making Charitable Efforts an annual priority by way of “Community Giveaways” that allow the community to elect its recipients- It gives those within the community who can’t necessarily give a tangible donation and or take away from their own households the opportunity to give vicariously through The Brands they support all year long.

We salute Slapwoods and their charitable efforts along with any other brand putting for the community based “Efforts”- consistently giving back to the communities who give their brands life all year long. After all, It’s bigger than “Wrapping” gifts! Its about The Camaraderie amongst our communities!

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