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Marine Marauderz – The latest NFT to debut on the Ethereum blockchain.

Predicted to make the most impact with its incredible features, Marine Marauderz is definitely out to make a big win.

With the growing popularity of NFTs, many players have been jumping in to capitalize on this growing trend. Marine Marauderz is the latest to join the bandwagon on the Ethereum blockchain. At launch, they are offering a total of 7777 unique collectibles that can be owned. Each of these have a unique trait and features which are completely different from each other. Apart from their distinct qualities, there is also a charitable impact that they are aiming at. So, what exactly would Marine Marauderz be doing that makes them stand out across the NFT space? They will be purchasing land in the ‘Sandbox’ which is one of the most prominent metaverse under development at present. By purchasing a Marine Marauderz collectible, investors will gain access to their curated digital ecosystem where they will receive a free Voxel (3D Avatar) which allows them to engage or communicate across the ecosystem.

Furthermore, around this metaverse space one will be able to gain access to play to earn mini-games and the ‘shark shack’, which is a digital marketplace where one can use their rewards to enhance and customize their voxel, as well as converse with other Marauderz in the community. Talking more about the project, one of the team members at Marine Marauderz says, “there is a growing concern about the health of the ocean ecosystem which is extremely important to enhance the life of the earth. Global warming has been on a rise, and it’s a known fact that a majority of the world’s oxygen supply emanates from the oceans. So, it has become extremely crucial to protect these vital resources which are significant for human life. Sharks play an indispensable role in maintaining these marine ecosystems and with each NFT purchased we will be sponsoring/adopting a shark.”

With such noble cause this project is helping the world and protect the oceans by preserving the sharks and optimizing their well-being. One of the major highlights of the project after it’s completely sold out is that the collectors will receive an airdrop NFT of the adoption certificate. Owning a collectible will also enable the collectors to enter a draw with a chance to win a Shark Tesla, which is basically a shark with Tesla traits, interesting isn’t it?. So, what are you waiting for, grab one on its launch for it’s surely going to be an attractive proposition in all ways.

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