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Meet Razek , A 21-year old boy astonished the world from gambling into a million-dollar company.

The founder of Conseils Yulpronos Inc in Canada is recognized as a stellar sports betting analyst.

There are people who believed in their instinct and guess the winner of the sport which might turn out as the right prediction. One such young boy who was always keen on predicting the sports matches astonished the world with his success. He use to get excited while watching people winning life-changing amounts of money on tv by gambling. Hence, taking it as inspiration started betting with his friends on the outcome of soccer games and winning a majority of the time.

With his power of instinct, his predictions got popular among his friends who started offering their part of the winning amount while taking his recommendation. Now, gaining confidence in his power of guessing he took as his apparent luck. At the age of 17, he started studying data analytics, even dropping in on university classes without even being enrolled. Due to his enthusiasm for learning and enhancing the inner talent he never missed his class of a McGill University course called ‘Foundations of Decision Analytics’ during a semester. Seeing his interest his professors even recognized him by his name.

It is truly said “Hard work always pays off” his dedication towards his passion made him initiate his own venture called Conseils Yulpronos Inc, Quebec’s number one sports betting analytics company. With his power of guts, he is now a well-known celebrity on social media platforms where he collaborates with other Canadian celebrities. His identity has enabled him to be an important asset for various gambling websites when expanding their target market into the province, thereby greatly increasing their revenue.

A young boy at the age of 21 has proved to the world that regardless of your age there is no power to stop you if you believe in your inner soul of passion. However, there is still a glorious future for the young boy to establish his empire and fame.


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