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Ayurcann Holdings New Marketplace is Leading the Way in Medicinal Cannabis

Ayurcann Holdings, a Canadian cannabis extraction company is making it easier for patients to access medical cannabis. 

Earlier this year, Ayurcann Holdings launched Ayurcann Marketplace to provide Canadians with access to medicinal cannabis, providing them with competitively priced and high-quality products that include vapes, tinctures and topicals. The company is intending to offer all types of cannabis products on the platform including their own Xplor brand while also partnering with various Canadian Licenced producers and international brands to offer a variety and selection that will enhance the appeal of the Marketplace.  The Xplor brand and its line of products offers high potency active components in both THC and CBD that is unique to the market. Current CBD products have total potency that is around 100-200mg per container while the Xplor line of products can offer up to 1500mg per container at a value price. 

The marketplace can be compared to an Amazon model where patients can benefit from the selection, quality, and price competitiveness. Ayurcann offers distribution to Licenced Producers for products being manufactured in Canada. Ayurcann also works with a variety of national and international brands to produce and sell innovative products. Having an Amazon type model has allowed the Ayurcann Marketplace to grow and create an online user-friendly site where high quality, innovative and value products can be sold to the patients directly.  “Our Ayurcann Marketplace model enables for a more competitive and wider selection for the patients and enhances their ability to be more selective and value conscious on their cannabis consumption,” Igal Sudman, CEO and Co-founder said. 

The Ayurcann Marketplace allows patients with prescriptions to learn more about cannabis products and learning about THC and CBD and cannabinoid therapy has helped decrease the stigma behind cannabis and cannabis therapy. It has been shown that the cannabinoids in THC may reduce pain by altering pain perception pathways in the brain and it may be helpful to treat conditions that cause chronic pain. The CBD in cannabis is thought to help reduce inflammation conditions.  Ayurcann has made the procedure of patients signing up to the marketplace seamless and that allows for easy access to the products that they need. Patients must have a prescription that is verified by one of their care specialists, with a follow up and assessment.  

Licensed producers who want to have their products available on the Ayurcann marketplace can sign up through a vending process. Ayurcann handles customer service, online payments, and fulfillment. Having a variety of licensed producers offering their products on the Ayurcann Marketplace enables a more competitive and wider selection for patients and improves the ecosystem for everyone involved. 

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