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How Robin Gargano, the CEO is Transforming Pain into Power

The woman who found her superpower in the midst of a crisis
Robin Gargano : A Female Founder, Mother, Coach & Author

The woman who found her superpower in the midst of a crisis

To remain resilient in times of adversity and rejection is a much-admired character of an aspiring entrepreneur. “Every no is a stepping stone to greatness,” said Robin Gargano, the founder, and CEO of L4 Livin’ Life Lovin’ Life. Having embraced the tragedies in her past and using them to pivot her career as a businesswoman, Robin decided to partner with a PR Group in NYC to achieve maximum brand awareness, gain credibility as a groundbreaking coach, speaker, soon-to-be author, and successful female startup entrepreneur. Her desire to step forward and motivate people to live the life they choose regardless of any circumstance paved the path of newfound hope.

Everything Has a Purpose

Before the present took its shape, Robin experienced a rollercoaster journey that changed her life. “I was completely lost. I was going through different types of grief that I didn’t know existed,” she expressed. Trying to conceive a child was part of that equation, having tried various methods to get pregnant but failed. “In total, I was pregnant five times, two of those times with twins, but lost all of them. The doctor deemed I was an anomaly and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t carry a baby to term.” This ordeal took a toll on her marriage which resulted in a short separation. By the time both were ready to reconcile, Robin’s husband died in a plane crash. Her dream of starting a family and a new future shattered in an instant.

While coping with the loss of her husband, Robin learned that her brother would become a father. Ryan, her brother, was a recovering alcoholic who had one daughter and another on the way before passing away in his sleep a month after separating from his girlfriend. The biological mother was in prison for driving under the influence while pregnant with the second child. Because of her drug addiction, the baby suffered complications which resulted in 17 days in NICU until she recovered. Robin fought hard to gain custody of both children to give them a better life. Eventually, she relinquished her rights, giving Robin the chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. Soon, Robin legally adopted the two beautiful angels, Isabella and Fiona. She also met a wonderful man, Cliff, who’d be her second soulmate and new father of her children.

Robin Gargano: CEO & Founder Of L4

With a new life as a mom and partner in a new town, this series of life-changing events made Robin realize that things happen for a reason. “My story came full circle – I now have everything I ever wanted, but in the complete opposite way I ever thought I would achieve these blessings.” With all the things that transpired, she came to appreciate life and for what it brings. Instead of living in grief, she decided to move forward with it and make it an opportunity to help other people.

“Grief is a part of my life, but it doesn’t define me.”

From all that she went through, Robin is designing her life how she wants it to be.

On Starting a Career in Business

Jump-starting a business alone is incredibly difficult. There will be doubts that can cloud one’s confidence in reaching a decision and putting it into action. “Doubt is everything that we create within ourselves. Figure out where the doubt is coming from, so you’ll know how to manage problems thoroughly,” Robin revealed. She emphasizes the power of staying grounded and never losing sight of the defining source of the company. It is what keeps entrepreneurs focused when problems arise and ready when opportunities arrive.

Even with almost two decades of experience in business, Robin continues to discover more about herself. “The time is now to start investing in yourself. I used to hide because I was afraid of judgment. It was through acceptance that I was able to launch my business at full speed.” she said. What’s important is taking action through small or large, consistent steps rather than doing nothing. She invested in improving herself, her skills, and her business with books, courses, acupuncture, energy healing, connection with people, among other sources.

Passion Turned into Mission

Suffering is inevitable, but the human spirit can overcome these afflictions and vulnerabilities. “Without suffering, we’ll never understand what true joy is,” Robin stated. By harnessing the pain into her power, she discovered methods that evolved her into a person with positivity and enlightenment. Seeing the results she acquired from her transformation, she decided to share her healing tools to help other people going through tough times.

“There is beauty within tragedy. My passion is to find those stuck in their struggles and lead them to self-healing.”

It was the tragedies in the past that brought Robin to where she is now. People will always have an opinion, and self-doubt will only fuel these negative thoughts. As for Robin, all that matters is what she believes in herself.

“Life is truly what you make of it. You get to do anything you want as long as you silence the internal negative talk and believe fully and freely in yourself.”

she disclosed. Resiliency taught Robin to value life more. It is what shaped her life as a mother and an entrepreneur. “I want to show my children that a mother and a woman can take control of her life and create it into anything beyond the scope of what you think is possible.”

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