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From sharing snare drum videos to performing on stage, Jabril Malik has drummed his way to the top.

This technically gifted genius has etched his name amongst the best drummers the world has ever known.

The world has seen many gems conquering distinct territories, shining bright in their respective fields of work. The creative industry has seen many such individuals who have taken giant strides and reached a position where only a few can dream of reaching, Jabril Malik being one of them. What started as a hobby turned into a full-fledged position, catapulting his fame to dizzying heights within a short period of time. The story of this talented artist is worth knowing, as it has enough ingredients to motivate people from achieving the impossible. Jabril says that one who is focussed enough to follow his dreams with open eyes can never be left behind from attaining the right life. His career in this space started with him making YouTube videos of him on the drums but he took on to social media more seriously after being rejected from the audition of a live stage show held in 2012. Instead of getting dejected and calling it quits he started sharing his videos more frequently to reach a wider audience which earned him a ticket to move forward in his career as a percussionist. He was soon performing at shows across America and Asia, moving ahead with a fast pace. Though it looks easy, success doesn’t land up your lap as there are years of hard work, struggle and perseverance that goes into making a successful life, he being a fine example of it.

His tryst with the musical instrument dates back to the time when he was in Rosemont high school, playing the drums in marching bands. He even had a place in the percussion in the school which followed during his higher educative years also in Prairie View A&M University. With years, playing the instrument and honing up his skills, he finally started his own YouTube channel in 2006 to showcase his talent in front of a wider audience. As real talent doesn’t go unnoticed, he soon got his big break to play at the Universal Studios, Japan, which catapulted his popularity to the next level with his social media follower base growing up-to a figure of 350,000 which was quite impressive. His brand ‘Super Drummers’ had arrived with a bang, and widely acclaimed for its uniqueness, which lacked in other artists of the same genre.

What followed were a series of collaborations and shows held across the globe. His television debut on ABC 13 Las Vegas in 2016 was followed by his first brand endorsement with Vater Percussion at the 2019 NAMM show and then his first America-Asia tour which saw him travel all year round. Furthermore, he worked with some of the most talented artists from the industry, associating himself with Synergy. Inc in Florida too. His Asia tour saw him visit China, Singapore and Taiwan, performing as well as holding drum clinics to spread his knowledge about the craft. He has had the privilege to occupy the judge’s seat for the Drum-Off Global Drum Competition with other well-known drummers.

He has indeed aced in his career today being a percussionist, educator, music producer, and video producer, and has now gone a step ahead by releasing his debut music album Nothing Less Than Epic. Vol 1, which released in March 2021. He has come a long way and the world will see more of this artist par excellence in coming times.

Follow him on instagram: @sdjmalik, to know more.

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